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Atomic Blender - Gwyddion Import
Imports Gwyddion Scanning Probe Microscopy files
UI location File -> Import -> Gwyddion (.gwy)
Usage Import: Choose the gwy file and the options. The SPM image is automatically loaded afterwards.
Version 0.1 (2012-11-19) Author(s) Blendphys (Clemens Barth)
Blender 2.6 License GPL
Category Import-Export
Note(s) Gwyddion: http://gwyddion.net/.

Sample files can be found here: ... soon ...

Executable information
File name soon
Current version download http://root-1.de/X-Download/io_mesh_gwyddion.zip
External Python Modules or dependencies None

Warning /
Links http://development.root-1.de/Atomic_Blender.php

Quick install

The addon is not in the official list of selected addons. You have to manually install the addon. The best thing to do is:

  1. Download the file io_mesh_gwyddion.zip from here: root-1.de/X-Download/io_mesh_gwyddion.zip. (Do not unzip)
  2. Go to Menu: File -> User Preferences ... -> Addons (top)
  3. At the bottom, push Install addon and choose the downloaded file
  4. Activate the addon (check box, right) and apply Save as Default if you want the addon to be active after each start of Blender.

Note that if you update the script (steps 1. to 4.), you have to re-start Blender!


The addon can be discussed in this forum: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?272775-Addon-for-import-of-Gwyddion-Scanning-Probe-Microscopy-images&p=2244308#post2244308


The addon permits importing Gwyddion (gwyddion.net) Scanning Probe Microscopy images into Blender. It is a very first version, which still needs some improvements! For instance, the loading of the images needs to be improved since it is a bit slow. On the contrary, it seems to be quite stable ... well at least with my AFM images, which I have created with the latest Gwyddion version 2.26.