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Import Open
Import models by opening from OS file manager
UI location
Version 1.0.2 Author(s) dairin0d, moth3r
Blender 2.7.8+ License GPL 3+
Category 3D View Distribution External

Executable information
File name io_import_open.py
Current version download https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dairin0d/import-open/master/io_import_open.py



Allows to open non-.blend files with Blender.

Will use the first active importer that matches the file's extension.

Models will be imported using the default options; these options can be probably changed in the default scene / in the user preferences.

The addon works by looking at the command line with which the Blender was launched. If it's a non-.blend file, then it would try to import the model with the first importer that matches the extension.

For example:

To auto-open OBJ files, you either have to launch Blender from the command line like

Blender your_model.obj

Or you need to associate the .obj extension with the Blender application, so that your OS would automatically launch Blender with the correct command line argument when you try to "open" an .obj file from the file manager.

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