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Inkscape SVG Exporter
Export a selected BezierCurve-object to a *.svg file
UI location Operator > Import/Export STL
Usage Export a selected BezierCurve And PolyCurve Object. It currently supports only export of one object at a time. The exported svg has been tested to work with Inkscape 0.48
Version 0.0.6 Author(s) Martin Froehlich and al.
Blender 2.7.0 License GPL
Category Import-Export Distribution Extern
Note(s) This script was only created to accomodate the missing export functionality by the built-in Importer SVG script. Once the exporting funcionality of the built in script is released, development of this script will stop.

Executable information
File name io_export_svg (folder)
Current version download https://github.com/maybites/blender.script.io_export_svg
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Warning This script is only roughly tested. Any feedback is welcome.
Links http://maybites.ch
Known Issues doesn't seem to work with windows.