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Lipsync Importer
Imports Moho's (Papagayo, Jlipsync, Yolo) file and adds automatic & random blinking.
UI location 3d window >> tool shelf
Version 0.5 Author(s) Yousef Harfoush (bat3a)
Blender 2.62 License GPL

Executable information
File name io_import_lipsync_Importer.py
Current version download https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BAC/browse/master/io_import_lipSync_Importer.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=197408

The Work Flow


Lipsyncing interface

Papagayo Moho file

  • open Papagayo, import the sound & write the text, and sync the words
  • export as voice file from Papagayo
  • start blender 2.5x, and open you character blender file
  • make shape keys for the character.
  • name the shape keys EXACTLY as their corresponding phonemes in the exported Moho file.
  • enable the add-on from preferences, it will open in the tool shelf.
  • switch to Lipsyncer menu.
  • import the voice file.
  • select the object with shape keys.
  • adjust the ease in and out fields, and shape key value with frame offset.
  • adjust the hold value if you want the keys to hold in slow lipsync.
  • push the plot keys button, and it will plot the keys for ya. :)

Jlipsync & Yolo Moho file

  • same as above, plus checking the Jlipsync or Yolo file support button.


  • Enabling Jlipsync or Yolo file support button will hide ease in and out value as the exported moho file contain these values.
  • The script will ignore the keys which has no shape keys with same name.


Blinker interface


  • switch to Blinker menu, and press the Specific button.
  • add a shape key and name it (blink) to the character.
  • adjust the ease in and out fields, and shape key value with fame offset.
  • adjust the spacing between blinks, and how many you want.
  • push the add blinking button to add a blink key :)


  • same as above, but you'll have a Random field value to how much random shifting to the keys you want.