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Pointcache Importer (.pc2)
Import pointcache data to shapekeys
UI location File > Import > Pointcache (.pc2)
Version 0.5 Author(s) Jasper van Nieuwenhuizen, Matt Ebb, Ivo Grigull, Bill L. Nieuwendorp
Blender 2.5.8 Rev:#35764 License GNU General Public License (GPL)

Executable information
File name io_import_pc2.py
Current version download https://github.com/jasperges/blender_scripts/blob/master/io_import_pc2.py


This addons lets you import .pc2 pointcache-files to the shapekeys of an object. In this way you can transfer animated meshes from another application to Blender.


To install the the script:

  • Copy the script to the addons folder
  • Enable the Add-On from the Add-Ons tab in the User Preferences window


Select the object you want to import the pointcache to. Select File > Import > Pointcache (.pc2) to enter the importer. From there, choose the frame offset (default=0), choose a .pc2 file, and then click Import. Make sure the object is the same as the object you baked the pointcache from. If you import an .obj from another package, make sure you select "Keep Vert Order" in the .obj import. If the mesh is somehow different, you will probably get a mess or strange artifacts. For now the only option you can choose is the frame offset.