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Create 3D Content and import/export tools for Second Life
UI location Import/Export, toolshelf, Armature Properties
Usage import Avatar shapes and bvh-animations, export Avatars, Attachments, Animations to Secondlife (and comparable worlds)
Version Commercial Author(s) Machinimatrix
Blender 2.6 or newer (2.75 recommended) License FEULA (Fair End User License Agreement)

Executable information
File name Avastar (Python Addon)
Current version download http://blog.machinimatrix.org/my-account/products/ (needs login)

Links http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/


  • Fully functional SecondLife Rig (SL Base Bones)
  • IK and FK Subrigs
  • Attachment points
  • Full support for Fitted Mesh (Shape Variations with Appearance Sliders)
  • Full Animation support (BVH and ANIM)
  • Fully Documented ( avastar.online )
  • Actively Developed since 2011)
  • Secondlife Support Group (in world chat): Blender Avastar