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Skechfab Exporter
Sketchfab Online 3D Model Exporter.
UI location File > Import/Export > Skechfab Exporter
Version 1.2.2 Author(s) Sketchfab
Blender 2.7.0 License GPL
Category Import-Export Distribution Natively integrated

Executable information
File name io_online_sketchfab/__init__.py


Allows you to export your 3D models on Sketchfab, directly from Blender. Once exported, your models can be shared in an interactive 3D format anywhere online! Here is a cool exemple: https://skfb.ly/yt7J


As of Blender 2.70, the Sketchfab exporter is natively integrated! As long as you have the latest version, you can already export your models directly from Blender.


You can follow our instructions here: https://sketchfab.com/exporters/blender