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sIBL_GUI for Blender
Import image-based lighting setup from sIBL GUI
UI location File > Import, Scene Tab
Version 0.4 Author(s) Jed Frechette <jedfrechette@gmail.com>
Blender 2.68-2.76b (The addon has not been updated yet for API changes introduced by 2.77) License GPL

Executable information
File name io_import_sibl_gui.py
Current version download https://bitbucket.org/jedfrechette/sibl_gui_for_blender/raw/0.4/io_import_sibl_gui.py

WARNING: This addon has not been updated for API changes introduced starting with 2.77 and is known to crash Blender 2.78.
Although untested by the author, some users have reported success using it with 2.77

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sIBL GUI is a standalone application for managing a collection of image-based lighting setups in the Smart IBL format. It uses helper scripts to send lighting setups to 3DS Max, Maya, Softimage, and with this addon Blender. This addon makes it more convenient to load the template generated Python script exported by sIBL GUI which does all of the heavy lifting. Currently the only sIBL GUI lighting template available for Blender uses Cycles materials.


Installation of this addon follows the standard procedure in Blender, however, for it to be useful you must also install sIBL GUI. The help documentation accessible within sIBL GUI, contains the most recent information on template usage and known limitations.


sIBL GUI for Blender can be used in two different ways. By using the File » Import » Load sIBL GUI script (.py) menu item you can directly import the script exported from sIBL GUI (Output Loader Script). However, this is not very convenient for trying multiple lighting setups in succession. Therefore, a sIBL GUI panel is also available on the Scene tab within Blender. This panel allows you to start a server which listens for lighting setups sent to it from sIBL GUI (Send to Software). When a new lighting setup is detected it will be added to the scene immediately.

The IP address and port used by the server can be set from File » User Preferences » Addons » Import-Export » sIBL GUI for Blender and must match the values set in sIBL GUI. Depending on your OS and security settings you may also need to make OS level changes to enable this connection. The addon preferences also allow setting the path to sIBL GUI's executable file so it can be launched from the button on the sIBL GUI panel, although this is not required for the rest of the addon to function properly.

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