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Cycles Materials Converter
Switch from Blender Internal render To Cycles Renderer with Materials.
UI location Properties → Material → Convert Materials To Cycles
Usage Switch between non node BI Materials to Cycles Materials & back.
Version 0, 11, 2 Author(s) Silvio Falcinelli, fixes by others
Blender 2.71 License GNU GPL 3.0
Category Material Distribution Contrib

Executable information
File name materials_cycles_converter.py
Current version download https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BAC/browse/master/materials_cycles_converter.py

Warning Beta version
Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?343575-BI-to-Cycles-Materials-Converter-(bug-fix-wip) Original Link: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?247271-Cycles-Automatic-Material-Textures-Node/


  1. User Preferences → Addons → Install Addon... ("Install From File" in 2.71...)
  2. Use the File Browser to find materials_cycles_converter.py on your hard drive
  3. Select the file and click "Install Addon..."
  4. Use the Addon browser to find and enable Materials Converter (it's in the Material category)


Convert all non-nodes materials in the Blender Internal scene to Cycles materials at once.


  • Node combinations for diffuse, transparency, translucency, glossy, reflection, emit
  • Image texture support


  • The UI consists of three buttons:
    • Convert All To Cycles: Convert all materials in the scene from non-nodes to Cycles
    • Convert Active to Cycles: Convert the active objects material to Cycles
    • Back to Blender: Switch Back to non nodes & Blender Internal


  • Some handy things noticed whilst testing.
    • Uv Unwrap in BI & set texture mapping to uv before Converting to Cycles. The UV mapping looks like it's respected even thought he Addon does not add Texture Coordinate or Vector Mapping
    • Switch back to Blender non node materials then make changes to materials in bi & convert again, updates the material rather than creating a new slot. This works one way only from Blender back to Cycles.

Known limitations:

  • No support for subsurface scattering
  • No Support For Blender Internal Nodes
  • No Support For Blender Internal Textures.
Additional information

For new materials making them directly in Cycles gives the best results. This script is meant for converting old scenes automatically to Cycles or can be used well importing uv mapped models into Blender Internal & converting them to cycles immediately