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Tune edges by sliding vertices.
UI location Mesh Tools
Usage Draw over red-accented edges with left-mouse to slide verts.
Version 3.4.0 Author(s) Gert De Roost
Blender 2.67 License GPL
Category Mesh Distribution Extern

Executable information
File name mesh_edgetune.py
Current version download http://www.ewocprojects.be/mesh_edgetune.py
Python modules math

Links http://www.ewocprojects.be
Release Log not yet
Known Issues none


This addon is an implementation of the concept of sliding vertices around on edges. It is used to finetune/redraw edges/edgeloops through the process of sliding vertices. It can be used to slide anything anywhere.
To my knowledge this is a new concept in 3D modeling. Try it and you will see how it can impact your modeling habits.
You are able to tune vertices by sliding by freehand-redrawing them on the edges they are part of.


First install the addon by going to User Preferences-> AddOns and choosing "Install from file". Locate the downloaded file and install it.
Enable the script in User Preferences->AddOns->Mesh.

The addon will work on any vertice/edge/face-selection.
Make a selection, click the EdgeTune button on the Mesh Tools panel.
(addon only accessible when in EditMode).

The selection will be visualized in yellow. EdgeTune will abide by the limited visibility setting. Press and hold left-mouse button and draw freely across the "slide-edges", visualized in red.
The respective selected vertices will change position on the slide-edge to the new position you choose by moving over it with the left mouse-button pressed. Vertices can be made to move past the end of the edge by keeping leftmouse pressed, and moving along the supporting edge and further in that same direction.

Undo one step a time with Ctrl-Z.
Press ENTER/RETURN to finalize the operation.

Just press the right-mouse-button to cancel the addon operation.

Change orientation the standard Blender way.
HINT: EdgeTune is also multi-vertex-slide."""