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Border Deselect Outer
Use Border Select to deselect geometry
UI location View3D > EditMode > Select
Usage Make a selection, then run this operator to border-select the desired selection intersection
Version 1.2 Author(s) CoDEmanX
Blender 2.66 License GPL
Category Mesh Distribution Contrib

Executable information
File name mesh_border_deselect_outer.py
Current version download http://projects.blender.org/scm/viewvc.php/*checkout*/contrib/py/scripts/addons/mesh_border_deselect_outer.py?root=bf-extensions&content-type=text/plain


This is a border selection operator, called Border Deselect Outer. It deselects editmesh geometry, that is outside of the border selection you make with this modal operator (like regular border select). Only previously selected geometry is considered, it won't border select geometry that wasn't selected before. This is useful to create a selection intersection from previous selection.



  • Download the script
  • File > User Preferences > Addons > Install from file...
  • Locate the downloaded script to install (or place the file in your addons folder instead)
  • Activate addon

Known Limitations

  • It might deselect geometry that you wanted to stay selected (but it actually works as intended). If so, switch to Vertex Selection Mode before you use this operator. In Edge Selection Mode, both vertices of an edge need to be inside of the selection box in order to keep it selected. In Face Selection Mode, the face dot has to be inside of the selection, or all edges and vertices of the face will be deselected.