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GL fillet 2d
Interactive fillet for edges/profiles/polylines.
UI location Group: Mesh
Version 0.2 Author(s) zeffii
Blender 2.58 License GPL

Executable information
File name gl_edge_fillet.py
Current version download https://raw.github.com/zeffii/GL-fillet/master/edge_fillet_17_addon.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?225902-Edge-Fillet-(OpenGL-drawing-BGL)

Installation Instructions

Place the .py file inside scripts/addons and enable it in the addons Mesh panel.

Usage Instructions

When the addon is enabled, in vertex selection mode select one vertex (this vertex must be shared only by two connected edges). Switch to object mode, then back to edit mode to inform the script which vertex you want to use as the fillet point. The menu will appear in the Tools Properties shelf, press Check Vertex to start drawing.

  • To adjust segments in the fillet, hold shift and hit numpad +/- .
  • To adjust the fillet radius, move the 'ratio of shortest' slider.
  • Use + or - in the UI to make a positive or negative fillet.
  • Hit Enter to confirm the fillet. to make more fillets simply click on another vertex, you shouldn't have to press check vertex again until you press Esc.
  • don't press check vertex if you already see the fillet drawing
  • don't use ctrl+ numpad +/- , this will confuse the script and select too many vertices (or too few).
  • you must first apply all transforms, scale/location/rotation, before the script will yield expected results.


The script exists to operate on polylines. Polylines are any chain of connected edges that does not otherwise connect to external edges. If you run the fillet, on two edges that are part of a face, the face will be discarded.

Demo Video