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Offset Edges
Offset Edges
UI location Group: VIEW3D > Edge menu (CTRL-E) > Offset Edges
Usage In mesh edit mode, select some connected edges or faces and press CTRL-E to popup the edge menu.

Choose an action from 'Offset Edge' submenu. The actions are:
Offset: New offsetted edges will be created.
Extrude: Selected edges will be extruded and offsetted.
Move: New edges won't be created, but original selected edges will be moved.

Version 0.2.1 Author(s) Bombaba
Blender 2.70 License GPL

Executable information
File name
Current version download https://github.com/Bombaba/BlenderPythonScripts/blob/master/mesh_offset_edges.py
Python modules math

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General information

This addon implements offset functionality, which creates edges evenly distant from your selected ones. Offset is familiar in cad-like software.

Offset Edges intro1.jpg



There are three main actions: Offset, Extrude, and Move. Your selected edges (or boundary edges around selected faces) will be offsetted based on these mode.

Offset, Extrude, Move
  • Offset
New offset edges are created.
  • Extrude
Edges are extruded and offsetted.
  • Move
New edges aren't created, but your selected edges are moved.

Tool Options

Follow Face
  • Follow Face
With this option on, edge loops are offsetted along the adjacent selected or visible faces. This option doesn't work if there are more than one adjacent visible faces, none of which are selected. Hide unneeded faces first.

  • Mirror Modifier
This option only appears when mirror modifiers are attached to the edited object. With this option on, end vertices on the mirror planes are kept on that.