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Node Wrangler (aka Nodes Efficiency Tools)
Additional tools for working with nodes
UI location Node Editor's Toolbar or Ctrl Space
Version 3.29 Author(s) Bartek Skorupa, Greg Zaal
Blender 2.75 License GPL

Executable information
File name node_wrangler.py
Current version download https://git.blender.org/gitweb/gitweb.cgi/blender-addons.git/blob_plain/HEAD:/node_wrangler.py

Links Task: https://developer.blender.org/T33543
Changelog: https://developer.blender.org/diffusion/BA/history/master/node_wrangler.py


This addon gives you several tools that help you work with nodes quickly and efficiently. Many functions work for both the compositor and shader nodes, and some functions bring features already in the compositor to the shader nodes as well. Some tools are made for a specific function, however we have made it our goal to allow complete flexibility for you to use the tools in every situation, even where we did not intend.
Please report any bugs, and feel free to suggest features.

How To Use

Use menu in properties panel of Node Editor or CtrlSpace keyboard shortcut or individual shortcuts for tools


Lazy Connect

Lazy Connect
Lazy Connect with menu (Shift)

Drag holding down CtrlRMB Template-RMB.png
Make links between the nodes without having to precisely select the sockets. Just drag from one node to another while holding CtrlRMB Template-RMB.png. The nodes nearest the mouse are used, so you don't even have to click on one precisely.

Also, use Ctrl⇧ ShiftRMB Template-RMB.png to show a menu of inputs and outputs to make a more accurate connection. This is useful when working with a large node tree, since you can easily make connections without having to zoom in and out a lot.

Lazy Mix

Lazy Mix

Drag holding down AltRMB Template-RMB.png
Merge outputs of two nodes using Mix Node or Mix Shader by dragging from one node to another while holding down AltRMB Template-RMB.png. Mix node or Mix Shader node will be added and outputs of the nodes will be connected to it.


Merge Selected Nodes

Quickly add Mix, Math, Z-Combine, Alpha Over, Mix Shader or Add Shader nodes that will merge outputs of selected nodes.

Merge with automatic type detection

CtrlZero Ctrl+ Ctrl- Ctrl * Ctrl/ Ctrl< Ctrl>
Selected nodes‘ outputs will be merged using Mix, Math, Mix Shader or Add Shader nodes., depending on types of selected nodes.
Ctrl+ sets blend type or math operation to Add. When shaders are selected – Add Shader will be used
Ctrl * multiply blend type or math operation
Ctrl- subtract blend type or math operation
Ctrl/ divide blend type or math operation
CtrlZero mix blend type or when shaders are selected - Mix Shader node will be used
Ctrl> greater than math operation
Ctrl< less than math operation

Merge using Mix node

CtrlAlt+, CtrlAlt-, Ctrl alt *, CtrlAlt/

Using CtrlAlt with proper keys will force to use Mix node for merging no matter what types of nodes are selected.

Merge using Z-Combine node

CtrlNumpad .
Z-Combine nodes will be used for merging. If possible - image and Z-Depth outputs will be linked.

Merge using Alpha Over node

Alpha Over nodes will be used for merging.

Merge using Math node

Ctrl⇧ Shift+, Ctrl⇧ Shift-, Ctrl shift *, Ctrl⇧ Shift/, Ctrl⇧ Shift<, Ctrl⇧ Shift>

Using Ctrl⇧ Shift with proper keys will force to use Math node for merging no matter what types of nodes are selected.

Batch change blend type / math operation

Change Blend Type or Math Operation

Alt, Alt, AltZero, Alt+, Alt-, Alt *, Alt/, Alt>, Alt<
Select mix nodes or math nodes and change their blend type or math operation at the same time. Use keys specified above. They will change blend type or operation accordingly to: mix, add, subtract, divide, less than, greater than. Use Alt or Alt to go through all available blend types or math operations.

Change Mix Factor

Easily Change Mix Factor

Alt, ⇧ ShiftAlt, Alt, ⇧ ShiftAlt
Change Factor of selected Mix nodes or Mix Shader nodes.
Use Alt to increase it by 0.1.
Use Alt to decrease it by 0.1.
Use Alt⇧ Shift to increase it by 0.01.
Use Alt⇧ Shift to decrease it by 0.01.
Use CtrlAlt⇧ Shift to set factor to 0.0. Additional shortcut is CtrlAlt⇧ ShiftZero
Use CtrlAlt⇧ Shift to set factor to 1.0. Additional shortcut is CtrlAlt⇧ ShiftOne

Delete Unused Nodes

Clean your node tree. Delete all of the nodes that don’t contribute to the final result.

Swap Links

Swap Outputs

Select two nodes that have something linked to their outputs. AltS will swap the outputs. What originally was linked to output of the first node will now be linked to output of the second node and vice verca.
Or, select one node with a single linked input - AltS will cycle the link through the available input sockets Or, select one node with two linked inputs - AltS will swap the two links. If more then two inputs are linked, the two with matching types will be swapped (such as a Mix node's two color inputs).

Reset Backdrop

Reset position and scale of the backdrop.

Add UV Layout attribute node

Quickly add coordinates for a certain UV map

(Add node menu) Add attribute node with the attribute automatically set to UV Layout.

Add Vertex Color attribute node

(Add node menu) Add attribute node with the attribute automatically set to vertex color.

Shader Viewer

A viewer node for Cycles materials

Ctrl⇧ ShiftLMB Template-LMB.png
Viewer Node for shaders. Ctrl⇧ ShiftLMB Template-LMB.png and the output of the node will be linked to newly created Emission Shader and Material Output. Easy way of prewiewing textures.

Frame Selected

Put the selected nodes in a frame

⇧ ShiftP
Select nodes and „wrap“ them in Frame node by hitting ⇧ ShiftP. Immediately after that hit F6 to set the color and label of the Frame.

Reload Images

All of the images used in the node tree (Image inputs, textures) can be reloaded by hitting AltR.

Switch Node Type

Switch Node Type

⇧ ShiftS
Change the type of selected node(s) to any other type. Hit ⇧ ShiftS and you’ll get the menu ordered exactly the same as Add Node Menu. Choose the new type.

Copy Settings

Copy Settings from Active to Selected

⇧ ShiftC
Copy settings of active node to all selected nodes of the same type.

Copy Label

⇧ ShiftC
Copy labels all selected nodes basing on various criteria.
Labels can be copied from labels (names) of active node ⇧ ShiftV,
or from names (labels) of nodes that are linked to selected ones or from the names of sockets that the selected nodes are linked to.
All options will be revealed in submenu after hitting ⇧ ShiftC

Clear Label

Clear labels of selected nodes.

Modify Label

Modify Labels of Selected Nodes

⇧ ShiftAltL
Batch change labels of selected nodes. Add text to beginning, to end, replace parts of text.

Add Texture Setup

Add Image Textrure with Coordinates

Select any shader node, CtrlT and and image texture with nodes controlling co-ordinates will be added. If you select any texture node, only the coordinate and mapping nodes will be added. A background shader will get an Environment texture with generated mapping.

Add Reroutes to Outputs

Add Reroute Nodes to Outputs of Selected

Reroute nodes will be added and linked to each output of each selected node.

Link Active to Selected

Link Active Node to Selected

\, K, ⇧ ShiftK, ", ⇧ Shift", (colon) ;, Shift ;
Link active node to selected nodes basing on various criteria.
\ - call main "Link Active to Selected" menu.
K – link active to all selected. Use ⇧ ShiftK to force to replace existing links.
(quote) " – link only to selected nodes that have the same name/label as active node (Shift (quote) " to replace existing links)
(colon) ; - link selected when name of output matches the name or label of selected node.
Handy for replacing sources. For example Render Layer to image (multi layer exr).

Align Nodes

Shift equal Align nodes horizontally or vertically. Same as S-X-0 or S-Y-0, but with even spacing between the nodes.

Select within frame (parent/children)

] – select all nodes wrapped in selected Frame node.
[ - select frame node that selected nodes are wrapped in.

Detach Outputs

Detach Outputs of Selected Nodes

⇧ ShiftAltD
Detach output of selected node leaving linked inputs.

Link to Output Node

In compositing – link to Composite output.
In materials – link to Material Output node.

Add Image Sequence

Found in the Add Input menu for composite nodes, or the Add Texture menu for shader nodes.
Select just one image from a sequence in the file browser and it will automatically detect the length of the sequence and set the node appropriately

Add Multiple Images

Found in the Add Input menu for composite nodes, or the Add Texture menu for shader nodes.
Simply allows you to select more than one image and adds a node for each (useful for importing multiple render passes or renders for image stacking).

Links and Support

Known Issues

No known issues at the moment