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Add Advanced objects
Object creation suite
UI location Group: Object
Version 0, 1, 3 Author(s) meta-androcto/various
Blender 2.79 License GPL

Executable information
File name Folder Add Advanced Objects

Add Advanced Objects:

Addons cubester.jpg
  • Advanced Scene & Object creation suite
  • Delaunay Voronoi: by Domlysz, Points cloud Delaunay triangulation in 2.5D & cross-sections
  • Constellation: by Oscurart, Point to Point Constellation pattern generation
  • Add Light Template: by Rebellion, 3 point light set
  • Aggregate mesh: by Liero, updated by Jimmy Haze, Object particle arrays
  • Arrange on Curve: by Mano-Wii, Array objects along a curve
  • Circle Array: by Antonis Karvelas, Array controlled by an empty
  • Copy2 vertices: edges or faces: by Eleanor Howick, Copy Any object to the selected verts/edges/faces of a mesh
  • CubeSter: by Jacob Morris, Takes image, image sequence, or audio file and converts it into a height map based on pixel color and alpha values
  • Drop to Ground1: by Unnikrishnan(kodemax), Florian Meyer(testscreenings), drop selected or all objects to 'Ground' plane
  • Strut Generator: by Bill Currie (taniwha), Add struts meshes based on selected truss meshes
  • Easy Lattice Object: by Kursad Karatas, Quick Lattice for shape editing
  • Object Add Chain: by Brian Hinton (Nichod), Add Chain Link to & curve path
  • Laplacian Lightning: by teldredge, Creates Laplace Lightning strikes between objects
  • Mangle Tools: by Phil Cote, displace the verts on your mesh
  • Oscurart Chain Maker: by Oscurart", create chain links parented to existing armature
  • 3D Pixelate: by liero", Create a blocky version of your mesh (dupliverts)
  • Add Random Box Structure: by Dannyboy", random blocks from mesh
  • Rope Creator: by Jorge Hernandez - Melenedez, Dynamic rope (with cloth) creator
  • Test Scenes: by meta-androcto, fast test scene creation
  • Tri-Lighting Creator: by Daniel Schalla
  • Unfold transition by liero, atom, Animated flipping faces or build
  • Special mention Authors: Rebellion, lijenstina, Unnikrishnan(kodemax), Florian Meyer, Omar ahmed,
  • Maintainer: meta-androcto, lijenstina