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Object: Cloud Generator
Volumetric Cloud Object
UI location Tool Shelf > Object Tools
Version 2.0 Author(s) Nick Keeline(nrk)
Blender 2.5 Rev:#28237 License GPL

Executable information
File name object_cloud_gen.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/trunk/py/scripts/addons/object_cloud_gen.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=166174
Known Issues May crash with very large mesh vertice counts


  • This script is in Blender 2.5 Add-Ons menu, Object Category.
  • In User Preferences you can see the Add-Ons menu.
  • You can activate the script here.
  • The script will now show up in the Shift/A Add/Mesh Menu.

Create Cloud Object

  • This Script creates Volumetric Cloud Objects.
  • Enable the script in the Add-Ons menu, Object Catagory.
  • In the ToolshelfT.
  • You will see Generate Cloud.
  • Select the Type of cloud:
Cirrus High level clouds consiting of mainly ice crystals.
Cumulous Puffy low to level clouds most like cotton balls.
Stratus Misty semi transparent clouds similar to fog.
Explosion Useful for muzzle flashes from guns etc. Looks better if unlit since it is self illuminated.
Cloud types (image created using default cube and single sun lamp with 1.0 energy)

  • Particles: Select whether you would like the script to leave a particle system instead of a mesh for the cloud. If you leave a particle system you can use force fields to effect your cloud in an animation. If you leave it unchecked the script will create a mesh which is easier to edit exactly the look of your cloud and you can use shape keys and armatures to animate. Typically meshes are much easier to work with for clouds.
  • Smoothing: This tells the script whether to smooth and subdivide the combined objects to make the cloud more flowing and random. Unchecking this box will leave your objects unchanged but will still combine them together into a single object in a boolean add operation and place all particles or mesh points inside the combined object.
  • Select 1 or Many objects.
  • Press Generate Cloud.
  • You can change the Volume Parameters in the Materials Panel to get different results. Light the cloud how you wish. See support link above for tutorials and extra documentation.
  • Degenerate:If you select the outer bounds box of your generated cloud the Degenerate button will appear. Selecting this button will delete all generated geometry and/or particle systems and return your objects to their state prior to the script acting on them.
  • Convert to Mesh: If you selected the particles box when you generated your cloud and you select the inner object that has the particle system afterward the Convert to Mesh button will appear. You can modify the settings on the particle system and move the timeline back and forth. Pressing this button will freeze your particle system and convert it into a mesh and delete the particle system.

Version Information

""" Place this file in the .blender/scripts/addons dir You have to activated the script in the "Add-Ons" tab (user preferences). The functionality can then be accessed via the Tool shelf when objects are selected

Rev 0 initial release Rev 0.1 added scene to create_mesh per python api change. Rev 0.2 Added Point Density turbulence and fixed degenerate Rev 0.3 Fixed bug in degenerate Rev 0.4 updated for api change/changed to new apply modifier technique Rev 0.5 made particle count equation with radius so radius increases with cloud volume Rev 0.6 added poll function to operator, fixing crash with no selected objects Rev 0.7 added particles option and Type of Cloud wanted selector Rev 0.8 fixed particles by commenting out add cloud texture force field Rev 0.9 Added smoothing and explosion material Rev 1.0 Added ability to convert object with particle system to cloud and auto resizing of bound box """