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Face to Transform Orientation
Face object to registered transform orientation.
UI location Object > Face object to Transform Orientation
Version 0.2 Author(s) Nutti
Blender 2.70- License GPL 3+
Category Object Distribution Upload

Executable information
File name face_to_transform_orientation.py
Current version download https://github.com/nutti/Face-To-Transform-Orientation/releases

Warning https://github.com/nutti/Face-To-Transform-Orientation/issues
Links http://nutti.github.io/Face-To-Transform-Orientation/
Release Log http://nutti.github.io/Mouse-Click-Merge/


  1. Put script (face_to_transform_orientation.py) in your addons folder (Ex:) or use Install Addon.
  2. Activate it in User Preferences / Add-Ons Panel.


This scripts can face object to registered transform orientation. Usages are as follows.

  • Face object to registered transform orientation.
  1. Create transform orientation from the menu appeared by pressing key N.
  2. Click menu Object - Transform
  3. Click Face to Transform Orientation
  4. You can change transform orientation and rotation angle by changing 'tools property'



  • Change feature
  1. Move menu to 'Object' - 'Transform' - 'Face To Transform Orientation'
  2. Apply transformation to selected objects instead of active object.


  • First release

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