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NP Station
Introduces a set of CAD-like tools for parametric object generation and transformation with basepoint snapping
UI location 3D View > Toolshelf > NP 020
Usage If generating objects, use buttons in the toolshelf NP 020 panel / create section. If transforming objects, select objects and use buttons in the NP 020 / transform section. If measuring, use buttons in the NP 020 panel / measuring section. Detailed instructions are included in the .pdf file below.
Version 020 Author(s) Okavango & the Blenderartists community
Blender 2.75a / 2.78b License GPLv2
Category Object Distribution RC release / Addons / Contrib
Note(s) The addon is under constant development with a long release cycle. Thi is due to being worked on in spare time and being developed on need-to-have basis

Executable information
File name NP_020.zip
Current version download https://wiki.blender.org/uploads/0/0f/Np_station_2017_09_29.zip
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Links Detailed addon documentation: https://wiki.blender.org/uploads/3/36/NP_Station_020.pdf

Blender Artists thread: https://blenderartists.org/t/addon-np-station/686462

Known Issues Described in the .pdf documentation on per operator basis