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Make connection between two meshes with edgws, make 2d splines turn to 3d, spread them to layout for dxf export or something
UI location Object > Toolbox
Version 0.1.3 Author(s) Gorodetskiy Nikita
Blender 2.69 License GPL
Category Object Distribution External

Executable information
File name Nikitron_scripts.py
Current version download https://github.com/nortikin/nikitron_tools


Install as usual addon.

0. Nikitron tools - tools for everyday use.

   a. Converts from 2d curves to 3d, bring them to floor, bring extrusion to 0, so they came wireframe.
   b. Spreads objects (flat curves initially) to layout, so you can export them to dxf for work in autocad.
   c. Names objects by 3Dtext.
   d. Names object's vertices by 3Dtext.
   e. Makes real bounding boxes of any object.
   f. Links all selected object's materials slots to object or data.
   g. CONNECT TWO OBJECTS with edges! It is main feature. So, he connects both object's vertices with 
       custom shift and at the end hooks them to initial objects!
   h. Make compliment in Russian.
   i. Makes super curves with Clifford Attractors - mathematically sin/cos definitions for cool curves.
   j. Make bound boxes of objects.
   k. Delete orientations (if you made much of them and watn make some order in scene).
   l. Delete node layouts, that not used any more and not have users (or have users, but you need 
       escape node area screen).
   m. Counts edges length.
   n. Counts Area of object's polygons.
   o. Separate objects with defined number of vertices.
   p. Boolean many objects at once by three ways.

1. Music player - made by edddy and some developed by nikitron. Situated in 3D toolshelf in NT tab.

   a. play music and sound from videofiles.
   b. jump to defined seconds (no current sound position).
   c. you see now playlist and choose sound to play.

2. RSS feed reader - made by Nikolay Fomichev. It is 2.5 blender addon, old one. Situated in World properties

   a. Blendernation site RSS by default. 
   b. width adaptive text.
   c. You can add your link.
Howto newest example
Howto spline to dxf prepare
Howto materials
Howto bound box
Howto materials


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 !!! Warning !!!
0.1.3 version known bug - hooks apply to the same connection if you twice connect same objects.