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Skin An Armature in a Mesh
UI location Pose Mode > Properties > Object Data (Bone) > Skinify Rig
Version 0,9 Author(s) Albert Makac (karab44)
Blender 2.78 License GPLv2+
Category Object Distribution in Blender 2.79

Executable information
File name object_skinify.py

This add-on creates a mesh object "Skinify Guy" covering an armature with a mesh. Addon skinify ui.jpg

It works with Rigify: Addon skinify rigify.jpg

It works with BVH imports: Addon skinify bvh.jpg

It works with manuelbastionilab addon: Addon skinify bastionilab.jpg


  • select your armature in pose mode & skin the selected or all Bones with a per bone mesh or whole cover.
  • if bones in your rig give unwanted results, often scaling & re-positioning the bones in edit mode can help.
  • if your doing this to create your own "Skinify Guy" you can also delete bones.
  • it will work with custom shapes but results may vary.
  • more to come