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Light Field Tools
Creates a light field camera and projector
UI location 3D View > Toolbar
Version 0.3.0 Author(s) Aurel Wildfellner
Blender 2.6.4 License GPL
Distribution release

Executable information
File name __init__.py light_field_tools.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/trunk/py/scripts/addons/light_field_tools/

Release Log Dev:2.5/Py/Scripts/Render/Light_Field_Tools


This script helps setting up rendering of lightfields. It also supports the projection of lightfields with textured spotlights.


A simple interface can be accessed in the tool shelf panel in 3D View (T key).

A base mesh has to be provided, which will normaly be a subdivided plane. The script will then create a camera rig and a light rig with adjustable properties. A sample camera and a spotlight will be created on each vertex of the basemesh object axis (maybe vertex normal in future versions).

Vertex order

The user has to provide the number of cameras or lights in one row in an unevenly spaced grid, the basemesh. Then the right vertex order can be computed as shown below.

  | | |
^ 3-4-5
| | | |
y 0-1-2

There is also a tool to create a basemesh, which is an evenly spaced grid. The row length parameter is taken to construct such a NxN grid. Someone would start out by adding a rectengular plane as the slice plane of the frustrum of the most middle camera of the light field rig. The spacing parameter then places the other cameras in a way, so they have an offset of n pixels from the other camera on this plane.


  • Apply object matrix to normals.
  • Allign to normals, somehow,....
  • StringPropertie with PATH tag, for proper ui.