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Render Time Estimation
Estimates the time to complete rendering on animations
UI location UV/Image Editor > Properties > Image
Usage While rendering, open the Properties region of the UV/Image Editor showing the render result. In the Image panel, you can read both both the total render time for your animation as well as the estimated time to completion of the render job. This information also prints to the terminal window.

Note that an accurate estimate requires at least the first frame of the animation to be rendered.

Version 0.5.2 Author(s) Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)
Blender 2.65.4 License GPL
Category Render Distribution Contrib
Note(s) This is specifically for animations.

Executable information
File name render_time.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/contrib/py/scripts/addons/render_time.py
Python modules bpy, blf, time, timedelta

Known Issues Does not work on OpenGL renders.


  1. User Preferences → Addons
  2. In Supported Level, enable Testing
  3. Use the Addon browser to find and enable Render Time Estimation (hint: it's in the Render category)


See usage above. More detailed instructions to come.