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Swap L.O.D.

Object's Properties
Object's Mesh Data Name
Show Enabled/Disabled
Swap L.O.D.
Swaps low-resolution mesh data with a defined high-resolution mesh
UI location View 3D -> Tool Shelf (T) -> Swap L.O.D.
Usage During render, the low-resolution object's mesh data is swapped with a defined high-resolution mesh data.

To use it, simply select the low-resolution object and go to it's Object Data tab (Properties Window -> Object). At the bottom you should see five properties under the 'Custom Properties' panel, named: "swapRes_neverSwap", "show_lowhigh", "swapRes_enable", "swapRes_high", and "swapRes_low". If these do not show, either collapse and expand the 'Custom Properties' panel, or click "Update" (Tools (T) -> Swap L.O.D. -> Update). The "Update" button assigns these properties to new objects in the scene.

  • "show_lowhigh" - Used by addon (for Show Enabled/Disabled)
  • "swapRes_enable" - Toggle to enable or disable object from swapping resolution
  • "swapRes_high" - Name of the high-resolution Mesh Data to use
  • "swapRes_low" - Name of the low-resolution Mesh Data to use (use object's own Mesh Data name)
  • "swapRes_neverSwap" - Checking this will exclude it from being shown in the "disabled" list

Once everything is set, check the "Enable Swap" checkbox (Tools (T) -> Swap L.O.D. -> Enable Swap) to enable the swap during render. When you render the scene, all enabled low-resolution objects will have the high-resolution mesh data, and will revert back to their low-resolution state after rendering. Checking "Enable Swap" also allows you to swap resolutions within the viewport, using the buttons that become active when checking this option – useful for checking composition before rendering.

Underneath these buttons, you'll notice "Enabled" and "Disabled". Clicking these will list the objects that are enabled or disabled from swapping. From here, you can also edit their properties: enable/disable them from swapping, as well as viewing and changing what Mesh Data they use, by checking "Mesh Data". Next to these is the "Show All" button which lists all objects in the scene, excluding cameras and lights.

Also, no values are ever lost. So, if you set all the objects how you want, you can be safe in the knowledge the next time you open the file they'll still be set that way!

Happy swapping!

Version 0.1.4 Author(s) Aaron Symons
Blender 2.63a License GPL
Category Render Distribution Extern
Note(s) Big thanks to Jason van Gumster (Fweeb) for his ideas and contributions for helping make this a very flexible addon!

Executable information
File name render_swap_lod.py
Current version download http://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/153/467/31625/20933/render_swap_lod-v0-1-4-update2.zip
Python modules bpy, props

Warning Do not change the names of the custom properties or delete them, as this will break the addon's functionality. Only change the values: text fields and checkboxes.