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Picogen render

Use picogen 0.3 as external render engine
UI location Renderer rolldown menu
Usage Install picogen with addon, activate Addon, generate terrain / water, make render settings and render
Version 0.0.1 Author(s) Daniel Brandes
Blender 2.6.1 License GPL
Category Render Distribution Extern
Note(s) Actl. beta, needs more testing and more operating system support

Executable information
File name ?

Known Issues Linux only atm.

What can be done

  • Generate terrain easier with nodes instead of programming code, and see results after one klick.
  • Generate water code from nodes.
  • Rotate and resize the sun, with blender internals.
  • Set other parameters could set in the gui in simplified mode.
  • Import existing picogen files


The integration consists of three parts:

  • An addon for picogen to get Terrain Data in blender.
  • An addon for Blender-pynodes-Branch from Lukas Toenne, i used a custom nodetree to generate Terrain und Water Code.
  • An addon for Blender 2.61, the render-integration.


  • I am not the author of picogen, nor the node branch, so credits go to Sebastian March and Lukas Toenne
  • The addons are heavily based on POV-Ray Render addon, so special thanks for this.


  • At the moment only linux/unix, sorry for this, but getting it on windows to work should't be too complex (Makefile in picogen addon, execution of picogen-quatsch-pure and picogen in blender)
  • Gui should be better
  • No exceptions
  • Use only one, stable, blender version

Getting things work

For getting things to work and create an easy example do the following steps:

Picogen binary

 cd picoge-picogen/src
 cd upstream
 chmod 755 wget-everything.sh
  • Overwrite yes (2x)
  • Run "make" in picogen-picogen/src/

picogen addon

 cd picogen-quatsch-pure-picogen-quatsch-pure
  • As root:
 cp picogen-quatsch-pure /usr/local/bin
 cd ..
 cp * /usr/local/bin

Modified blender pynodes branch

 cd blenderprojects-blender-pynodes-picogen
 mkdir build
 cd build
 cmake ../blender
 make install
 cd bin

In blender pynodes branch

Enable addon and Change Scene to Compositing

Extensions-Render-picogen-select notetree type.png
  • Choose Nodetree-Type
  • Add new Nodetree
  • add->load Examples->Default Terrain
  • add->load Examples->Default Water

  • Calculate Water
  • Calculate Terrain
  • node->save picogen nodes as ...
  • Save nodes file

install blender stable

  • Download Blender 2.61
  • Extract
 cd blender-2.61-*
 cd 2.61/scripts/addons/
 cd blender-picogen-addon-blender-picogen-addon/
 mv render_picogen ..
 cd ../../../..

in blender stable

  • Enable addon
  • Switch render to picogen-0.3

Load terrain and water from node:

  • Select default cube
  • Go to object data tab
Extensions-Render-picogen-import pgnodes.png
  • import pgnodes
  • Choose file
  • Generate terrain, generate water
  • Go to render tab

Extensions-Render-picogen-world tab.png
  • Add Picogen render preset
  • Choose camera
  • Go to object data tab

Extensions-Render-picogen-cam tab.png
  • Enable set camera position
  • Set camera
  • Press num-0
  • Go to world buttons

Extensions-Render-picogen-render tab.png
  • Generate Sun
  • Choose ObjpicogenSun
  • Scale a bit to 3.0
  • Go to render tab
  • Set Samples per Pixel to 1
  • Set Surface Integrator to whitted
  • Render!



To see other options, load examples included with picogen with "import picogen file"