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Mirror Bone Constraints
Mirror bone constraints
UI location Tool Shelf > Mirror Constraints (while in Pose mode)
Usage In pose mode, select bone(s) to mirror constraints from and click the Mirror Bone Constraints button in the Tool Shelf.
Version 1,02 Author(s) Connor Simpson
Blender 2.65 License GPL
Category The category field used in bl_addon_info dict Distribution Extern

Executable information
File name pose_mirror1,02.py
Current version download https://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/153/467/36334/27003/pose_mirror1,02.py


This script is meant to provide a faster method of mirroring bone constraints across an armature, allowing it to be done with one click without ever having to leave pose mode.


  1. Download the script via the link above
  2. Either go to User Preferences > Addons > Install From File and install and enable the script as an addon, or load the script into a Text Editor pane and press "Run Script"


To Use

  1. Switch to pose mode
  2. Select bones to mirror constraints from
  3. Press the "Mirror Bone Constraints" button in the Tool Shelf

Some notes on functionality

  • Script mirrors constraints between bones with opposite names (ie bone.l and bone.r)
  • Constraint targets with opposite names will also be mirrored. This works for both target bones and any other objects in the scene being used as targets
  • Any constraints on the bone being mirrored to are erased before the constraints are mirrored
  • Supported bone extensions to indicate side are: .r, .R, .l, .L, _r, _R, _l, _L