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Shape Keys - Reset to Basis
Reset the selected vertex locations.
UI location Properties > Data > Shape Keys > Edit Mode
Usage Shape Keys
Version 1.1 Author(s) Koilz
Blender 2.72.0 License GPL
Category Rigging Distribution Extern
Note(s) The tools enabled could work in other modes, though are limited to mesh objects.

Executable information
File name reset_to_basis.py
Current version download reset_to_basis.py
Python modules bpy
External Python Modules or dependencies Shape Propagate, Blend From Shape

Warning _
Links T41841
Known Issues _

Properties > Data > Shape Keys > Edit Mode.

Reset to Basis

The addon adds three tools to the Shape Keys panel.

Reset Vertex Positions - Addon operator
Reset the selected vertex locations.
Shape Propagate - Blender operator
Apply selected vertex locations to all other shape keys.
Blend From Shape - Blender operator
Blend in shape from a shape key.
Check the 3D View operator panel.