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Theme manager
Save and load custom themes
UI location User Preferences > Themes > header
Usage Load or save a theme by pressing the corresponding buttons
Version 1.3.2 Author(s) Bart Crouch
Blender 2.57 (>SVN 36710) License GPL
Category System Distribution Contrib

Executable information
File name system_theme_manager.py
Current version download [Add-on]
(automatically links to latest version)
Python modules gzip, os, pickle, shutil

Links [Support thread]


Install and enable the add-on. Go the the theme panel in the user preferences. Click the 'Load Theme' or 'Save Theme' buttons in the header (by default at the bottom of the window).

When saving a theme, you can optionally also name the theme and add the name of the creator. These options are located at the bottom left of the window, when naming your file. Themes are saved as .blt files, short for BLenderTheme. These are pretty small and can be easily shared.

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