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API Navigator

API Navigator
Allows to explore the python api via the user interface
UI location Text Editor -> Properties (CTRL+F) -> API Navigator Panel
Usage You can browse through the tree structure of the api. Each child object appears in a list

that tries to be representative of its type. These lists are :

   * Items (for an iterable object)
   * Item Values (for an iterable object wich only support index)
   * Modules
   * Types
   * Properties
   * Structs and Functions
   * Methods and Functions
   * Attributes
   * Inaccessible (some objects may be listed but inaccessible)

The lists can be filtered to help search in the tree. Just enter the text in the filter section. It is also possible to explore other modules. Go to the root and select it from the list of available modules. It will be imported dynamically.

In the text section, some information is displayed. The type of the object, what it returns, and its docstring. We could hope that these docstrings will be as descriptive as possible. This text data block named api_doc_ can be toggled on and off with the Escape key.

Version 1.0.2 Author(s) Dany Lebel (Axon_D)
Blender 2.56 License GPL

Executable information
File name text_editor_api_navigator.py
Current version download https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-extensions/trunk/py/scripts/addons/development_api_navigator.py
Python modules bpy, sys, console.complete_import

Known Issues When registered as an add-on and restarting blender, the key mapping seems to be overwritten. F8 to reload all modules solves the problem.
Example: listing a specific scene's object associated API calls