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TextureAtlas addon for unwrapping and baking of Shadowmaps/LightMaps of entire scene
UVMap for every object and make one LightMap/ShadowMap for entire scene.
UI location Render Panel.
Usage Select objects, create lightMap group, autoUnwrap, bake your scene.
Version 0.18 Author(s) Andreas Esau, Paul Geraskin, Cambell Barton
Blender 2.68+ License GNU General Public License v2 (GPL v2)
Category UV
Note(s) Works ok.

Executable information
File name uv_texture_atlas.py
Current version download In Default Blender Addons!!! :)
Python modules Used standard Python modules

Warning No Warnings.
Links blenderartists.org thread
Known Issues No Issues.

TextureAtlas Description

This is a cool script for baking LightMaps for entire scene.


  • Create one UV Map for all objects (non destructive making)
  • Possibility to bake all objects into one texture

The very vital thing for Game Developers and 3d Artists(which are in game development industry).

Example of baked scene of 150 objects with TextureAtlas: