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Have a look at the available complete set of templates: they will save you a lot of time and help the maintainers of this wiki to change things all over the wiki quickly and efficiently. Use them!

Below you find a brief introduction to the most used of them.

Headers and Footers
Pages under Doc:Manual, Doc:Tutorial and Doc:Reference should have a header and a footer to help the reader navigate through the pages, and to indicate the Blender version which the page refers to.
Use Template:Page/Header and Template:Page/Footer.
When you need to insert hotkey descriptions (like ⌘ CmdS or ⇧ ShiftMMB Template-MMB.png ) you can use Template:Shortcut.
Reference Material
When writing reference material like pages under Doc:Manual or Doc:Reference, please use Template:RefBox. This helps to keep the manual consistent, with common information in well-defined and easily recognisable places, so that people can skim read to the information they’re looking for more easily.
User Interface Items
Labels, menus and their entry, or in general, any user interface item appearing on the screen should be written using Template:Literal.
Blender version
For long pages presenting several sections, some of which are relative to a different version of blender, Template:Blender/Version is available.
Notes and tips
To show notes and warnings you can use Template:Note
For suggestions and ideas you can use Template:NiceTip
Todo and tasks
These are the templates you can use: