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Moving around in the VSE window

Moving around in Sequence area

Use these shortcuts to adjust the sequence area of the VSE:

Pan MMB Template-MMB.png
Zoom Wheel Template-MW.png
Vertical Scroll use ⇧ ShiftWheel Template-MW.png, or drag on the left scroll bar.
Horizontal Scroll use CtrlWheel Template-MW.png, or drag on the lower scroll bar.
Scale View, CtrlMMB Template-MMB.png and drag up/down (vertical scale) or left/right (horizontal scale).
Scale View Vertically, drag on the circles on the vertical scroll bar.
Scale View Horizontally, drag on the circles on the horizontal scroll bar.
Menu View of the sequencer window.
Menu View of the preview window.

As usual, the View Menu controls what and how you view in the workspace.

Properties Panel N
Open / close the properties panel.
View all Sequences ↖ Home
Zooms (in or out) the display to show all strips in the sequencer.
View Selected . NumPad
Zooms in the display to fit only the selected strips. Use this when working arranging a lot of strips and you want to use all of your screen to work.
Fit preview in Window ↖ Home
Resizes preview so that it fits in the window.
Show Preview 1:1 1 NumPad
Resizes preview to a 1:1 scale (actual size).

Mode: Sequence

Hotkey: CtrlT

Menu: View -> Show Seconds

Show seconds
Toggles frames number / time in seconds, in the Frame Number Indicator.
Show Frame Number Indicator
Toggles show / hide the Frame Number Indicator, at the bottom of the time-cursor.
Safe Margin
Displays an overlay on the preview, marking where title safe region is.
Transform Markers
Transform Markers as well as Strips.

Moving around in timeline (scrubbing)

First, to play the movie, you can press AltA.

Time cursor, in Timecode mode

To move back and forth through your movie, just LMB Template-LMB.png click and drag left/right in the sequencer workspace (or in the Timeline window pane), moving the Time cursor (vertical bar which indicates the current frame). As you do, the preview window pane refresh the image of the current frame.

You can also use the keyboard arrows as following:

to move 1 frame backward
to move 1 frame forward
⇧ Shift
to move 10 frames forward
⇧ Shift
to move 10 frames backward
⇧ Shift
to move back to the beginning of the movie
⇧ Shift
to move straight to the end of the movie

Real-time scrubbing and image display is possible on reasonable computers when viewing an image sequence, movie file or 3D scenes. The Scene's images have to be rendered individually, which may take some time.