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MediaWiki skin compliant with layout and structure of Preview can be seen at [1].

It is available for selection on user preferences. MonoBook skin should remain fully operational.

It would be great, if some mediawiki extensions were installed. Semantic MediaWiki and SemanticForms would be particulary useful.

Skin installation: Unpack the archive ファイル:BlenderWiki in skins directory in MediaWiki installation.

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  • Contrast
    • remove explicit background colors in templates, use CSS
  • Page Width:
    • 640px is the suggested width of content. This is somewhat more narrow than standard
    • Preformatted text overflows on right; provide means to create wide preformatted boxes
    • thumb|center does not work well


  • fix top alignment (CSS)
  • diff between article versions has wrong colors
  • improve top spacing
  • Fix broken content
    • Templates should work well with MonoBook and Blender (or any other, really) skin. Now this causes ugly colors and/or layout on some pages. It makes sense to make use of CSS classes.
  • Test on more browsers (MSIE7)

MSIE 6 bugs

  • when unhiding right side, the search box dissapears



  • Switch to jQuery framework for javascripting
  • Fixes to sidebar content:
    • Login box now hides leaving TOC visible
    • TOC content is indented
  • Bugfixes:
    • wrongly placed div was showing footer incorrectly to not logged user
    • custom user CSS linking enabled by naming correctly the variable


  • Layout problem when has no cookie fixed (seen on footer)
  • Printng much improved - navigation marked as noprint
  • CSS fixes:
    • subNav div placed somewhat higher on the page
    • MediaWiki user messages now look fine


  • MS Explorer fixes
  • Better use of screen real-estate. Add more relevant links at the top.
  • First level menu can now be set in Mediawiki:Blenderskin-top. This removes the need to edit PHP. It is in XHTML syntax.
  • Second level menu can now be set in Mediawiki:Blenderskin-menu. This removes the need to edit PHP. It is in XHTML syntax.
  • Cleaner better layout for right-side menu and search box
  • Page footer was added
  • Second level sidebar can now be set in Mediawiki:Sidebar. It is in wiki syntax. It has two sections, navigation and extras.