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Blender 2.64: Bsurfaces v1.5

Bsurfaces is a modeling and repopology tool which combines the use of freehand strokes, bezier curves, or loose edges to generate polygonal surfaces. It can be included in a traditional polygonal and subdivision modeling workflow, speeding it up substantially.

Bsurfaces is a Blender addon, it can be used to build both open and closed shapes, extrude selections, bridge between two sections, having full control over the shape, direction, and twisting of the final surfaces. The output is a clean topology composed of quadrilateral faces. Triangles are also possible when building surfaces using crossing strokes.

The different options can be modified interactively, allowing the artist to see how they affect the resulting surfaces in real-time.

v1.5 Updates

ファイル:Blender2.64 examples
Bsurfaces common operations.
  • Build surfaces, extrude and bridge selections using freehand strokes.
  • Edit strokes as bezier splines.
  • Keep the strokes after building the surface to modify and/or reuse them.
  • Interactively modify in real-time all the settings available.
  • Faster algorithms for surface building to make it work real-time and be controlled interactively.
  • Use bezier curves as input.
  • Use straight strokes.
  • Closed shapes.
  • Transitions between closed and open shapes.
  • Make surfaces cyclic, both along and/or across the strokes.
  • Loops on strokes for simple surfaces, extrusions, bridges, surfaces from two connected selections, and closed shapes.
  • Surfaces from crossing strokes.
  • Optional automatic join of the crosshatched surfaces to the original mesh.
  • Restrict the automatic joining of the crosshatched surfaces to the selected vertices.
  • Stretch slider to control interactively how much the borders of the crosshatched surfaces can stretch to get joined to the original mesh.
  • Control interactively the merge distance of the borders of sketched closed shapes and transitions from closed to open shapes.
  • Designate the first point of a spline, both for open or closed splines. No need to make all strokes in the right direction on the first try, they can be changed at any time.
  • Reorder strokes/splines using freehand strokes.
  • Improved interpolation of loops in bridges where the proportions of the edges of the first selection are different from the proportions of the target selection.
  • Improvements on detection of surfaces "along strokes" or "across strokes". Less precision needed from user, and detects well in more situations.
  • Context detection, and alerts when the context is incorrect. For instance wrong types of selections, or there is only one stroke and no selection, etc.
  • When tweaking options interactively there are available only the options that make sense depending on the context. For instance is not possible to make cyclic the extrusion of an open shape, this is automatically interpreted and the cyclic options are disabled.
  • Automatically filling faces where there are only edges structures.
  • Building surfaces from loose edges, which can be attached automatically to the original mesh.

Other Resources

Quick Guide pdf

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Special Thanks

To Eclectiel for putting together and releasing this fantastic plugin - and for allowing the reuse of related documents here. Additional thanks to Class Kuhnen for allowing the reuse of his images.

From the Blender Artists Bsurfaces v1.5 thread

Would like to thank some people that had been really helpful in this project:

First of all Jonathan Williamson. He was the first to foster the development of this new stage of Bsurfaces (he was willing to pay for everybody), also Andy Davies (from Eat3D), Kernon Dillon (from BlenderNewbies), Class Kuhnen (from everywhere with CG in it) and Oliver Villar (from BlendTuts). Good people who had been really helpful. Also Jonathan Cooke and Travis Morgan, you surely don't know them. Jonathan is the guy who did the voice-over work. Great work, kind people and quick to deliver. If you want to contact him for voice-over work: jonathan.cooke (at) And Travis is the musician who composed "Light Patterns", the track of the video. I really wanted that track for this video. Check his music, he is very talented and has quite a few tracks of CC music:

There's lot of talent out there doing great voice-over work for fun or CC music. Would recommend two who did good auditions for voice-over work: Jamaal Ephriam and Leroy Shamshidov.