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  • Final Cut Pro
The scroll bar and how it lets you select the zoom by dragging the ends. directedition
  • Image Preview that scales by factors other than two. directedition
  • Ability to zoom out further. directedition
    • Solution: Move the camera back and increase your distance cutoff limits Roger
    • He wants to zoom out the _timeline_ further, I assume. This is usefull and has nothing to do with the 3D-editor... Peter Schlaile
  • I have a section here to explain how I would like to work with zoom. Sorry for the external link, I would flood the page otherwise :) mindrones 2008-08-08
    • We have several zoom issues here. I am moving the primary request to the unclear page as the middle mouse wheel allows for zooming in ratios other than two. @mindrones, you should put in a specific request for your concept perhaps?