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Sequence recognition

Sony Vegas (previously Sonic Foundry)
Loading image sequences as strips - reads automatically how many pictures are there in same sequence, in Blender you have to select all the images, then works similar. Anonymous?

  • I agree this would be useful, actually if you have many "image-###.png" in a folder you can RMB-select the folder name, but you can't select a family of files among others. But maybe this is a file-browser feature? mindrones


Asset area in some way. I'd suggest simply making Sequence strips library objects. Then you can add them directly on the timeline and at the same time in an asset area. That makes it also possible to reuse finally edited metastrips on the timeline with reference counting. Still open for discussion. Peter Schlaile


Cinelerra has some features for loading up many clips at once and keeping them in a clip library. It displays a thumbnail of each clip. From discussions on the Cinelerra mailing list, other packages do this better. M.e 11:43, 18 May 2007 (CEST)

Sony Vegas (previously Sonic Foundry)
Vegas has a Media bin directedition

Final Cut Pro
FCP has a Bin. mindrones

This patch by bdiego collects all the media used in the sequencer, but actually you don't load anything in or from there. See also here. mindrones


Grab DV and render to DV devices (and AV/C). (Always out of space...) anders_gud

  • Don't think, that belongs into Blender. Always wondered, why the heck I should fire up a video editor for capture, when there are nice commandline utilities like dvconnect Peter Schlaile
  • e.g. Nevertheless: I don't mind, if someone comes up with some python-GUI for those utilities...] Peter Schlaile
  • Some editors (myself included) prefer to watch the entire DV tape in fast forward, marking the clips that are wanted. Then have the computer go back and capture the clips while we do something else. This way only the needed clips are captured. Plus then if this capture data is saved, the entire sequence could be reconstructed from just the project data. The computer could prompt the user for each dv tape during the restore process. Tbcpp

Integration with Compositing Nodes

Compositor/Nodes support (feed seq through to render). (anders_gud, brecht, peter, sadly not Ton ;-)

Compatibility with nodes - to make the nodes useful in sequencer (to make the effects in sequencer almost limitless), there could be made an sequencer intput and output node. A chain with these nodes could be than grouped and applied as an effect strip on a movie strip, or, if instead of sequencer movie an image input node was used, import a node-tree as a ready-for sequencer strip. Advantage- sharing of the code for nodes and plugins, which in fact are often supposed to do the same job. Other way to do that is make a way to use single nodes as effects? pildanovak

New idea: add an (optional) high quality compositing node tree to every effect. That makes it possible, to edit a low detail realtime version of a sequence, that just uses cross fades, which are replaced with your special morph fades in the final conforming step using the compositor. That would put that feature where it belongs: not into compositing, not into editing, but into the conforming step (which haven't thought of seperately until now)! Peter Schlaile

At the Blender Conference 2008 I have proposed to have nodes as effects factory: the idea is to use nodes not to process actual images, to prepare an effect and then compiled them to have a new effect in the sequencer. Basically this would mean having a 3rd button in node editor, instead of Material nodes, or Compositing Nodes, we could have Sequencer Nodes, that output just a a formula, an algorithm for sequencer effect. We start with an input image/movie, but just as a reference to see how the effect is coming, then we have that "node arrangement" as an Effect strip. Instead of changing settings in buttons, we just change them in the node editor, and effect gets compiled in realtime and applied to strips. So the idea is that each Effect strip has its own node tree in the node editor, selecting a strip gives that node in the node editor. mindrones 2009-02-22nd

Camera selector

Camera forcing for a 3Dscene-strip: The active scene camera is the default (empty) value. In a popupmenu it should be possible to select another existing camera "my2ndscenecamera". Deleting this one should cause the strip to fall back to the defaultvalue.
Resolution deriving: This strip-option should cause a 3Dscene-strip to render with the rendersize and -ratio of the sequencer-scene. Explanation image