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Standalone Player

The standalone player allows a Blender game to be run without having to load the Blender system. This allows games to be distributed to other users, without their requiring a detailed knowledge of Blender (and also without the possibility of unauthorised modification). Note that the Game Engine Save as Runtime is an addon facility which must be pre-loaded before use.

The following procedure will give a standalone version of a working game.

  • File - User Preferences - Addons: - Game Engine - Save as Game Engine Runtime - Install Addon(button).
(You can also Save as Default button, in which case the add-on will always be present whenever Blender is re-loaded).
  • File - Export - Save as Game Engine Runtime - (give appropriate directory/filename)- Save as Game Engine Runtime (button).

The game can then be executed by running the appropriate .exe file. Note that all appropriate libraries are automatically loaded by the add-on.

If you are interested in licensing your game, read Licensing for a discussion of the issues involved.

Blender3D FreeTip.png
If the game is to be exported to other computers, make a new empty directory for the game runtime and all its ancilliary libraries etc. Then make sure the whole directory is transferred to the target computer