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Mesh Clean-up

These tools are to help cleanup degenerate geometry and fill in missing areas of a mesh.

Fill Holes

Mode: Edit mode

Menu: Mesh » Clean up » Fill Holes

This tool is can take a large selection and detect the holes in the mesh, filling them in.

This is different from the face creation operator in three important respects.

  • holes are detected, so there is no need to manually find and select the edges around the holes.
  • holes can have a limit for the number of sides (so only quads or tris are filled in for example).
  • mesh data is copied from surrounding geometry (UV's, vertex-colors, multi-res, all layers), since manually creating this data is very time consuming.

Split Non-Planar Faces

Mode: Edit mode

Menu: Mesh » Clean up » Split Non-Planar Faces

This tool avoids ambiguous areas of geometry by splitting non-flat faces when they are bent beyond a given limit.

Delete Loose Geometry

Mode: Edit mode

Menu: Mesh » Clean up » Delete Loose

This tool removes disconnected vertices and edges (optionally faces - off by default).

Degenerate Dissolve

Mode: Edit mode

Menu: Mesh » Clean up » Degenerate Dissolve

This tool collapses / removes geometry which you typically wont want.

  • Edges with no length.
  • Faces with no areas (faces on a point or thin faces).
  • Face corners with no area.