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Blend Library
Append or link materials/objects/groups/node groups of specific folder locations.
UI location Node Editor > Tools

3D View > Tools

Version 0.3.3 Author(s) Vincent Gires
Blender 2.76 License GPL
Category Import-Export Distribution External

Executable information
File name blend_library.py
Current version download http://vincentgires.com/tools/blender/addons/blend_library/v033/blend_library.py

Links http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?353404-Addon-Blend-Library


This script aims to read folders that contain blend files, display the content in a list of elements that may be imported. Useful to save custom node setups, materials or objects that will be reuse in other files.


The folders of the blend files are stored either in the addon preferences or in the settings tab of the tool shelf.

Folder paths are available for:

  • compositing node groups
  • shading node groups
  • texture node groups
  • materials
  • objects
  • groups

Addon preferences

The paths set in addon preferences are accessible in every files and can be set once.

Addon blend library prefs.png

Custom paths

The paths can also be set in the Settings tab of the Tool Shelf. This can be save with the blend file. The paths set in the addon preferences can still be used if the Use custom paths checkbox is off.

Addon blend library custom paths.png

3D View

The Tool Shelf of the 3D view gives access to the library for:

  • materials
  • objects
  • groups


Addon blend library material.gif


Addon blend library objects.gif

Node editor

The Tool Shelf of the Node Editor gives access to the library for:

  • compositing node groups
  • shading node groups
  • texture node groups

Addon blend library nodes.gif