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Island Tools
Tools for transform islands from individual origins
UI location Group: UV
Usage The addon creates a tool on header of uv/image editor and in menu UVs -> Transform -> Island Tools.
Version 1,3,5 Author(s) Jordi Vall-llovera Medina "JordiArt"
Blender 2.63 r#55662 or above License GPL

Executable information
File name uv_island_tools.py
Current version download https://dl.dropbox.com/u/65106662/updates/uv_island_tools.py

Links http://jordiart3d.blogspot.com.es/


  • Download the addon.
  • Now for install the addon you can :
  • 1 - Put a copy it into your \\.blender\scripts\addons folder.
  • 2 - Remember the location and use built-in install function on User Preferences
  • Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences.
  • Click UV then Island Tools to Enable the script.
  • Click Save as default and close the User Preferences.


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The addon provides functionality to transform uv islands from its own individual origin.

  • Select some uv islands, go to UVs -> Transform -> Island Tools or push the button on header of UV/Image editor to activate the tool.
  • The tool popup will show and now you can tweak the values to a desired result
  • Press F6 for activate the popup menu again and do further tweaks if you want


  • Only selection : Only applies operations on previously selected uv islands
  • View all selected : Display output as selected / unselected uv islands
  • Link size : Link scale sizes for uniform transforms, then only takes into account X size for transformation
  • X size : Scale uv islands from every own local X axis
  • Y size : Scale uv islands from every own local Y axis
  • Rotation : Rotate uv islands from own local center
  • X mirror : Mirror uv islands from every own center on X axis
  • Y mirror : Mirror uv islands from every own center on Y axis


  • UPDATE : With version 1.3 you don´t have to press F6 anymore, the menu show up instantly now ( not updated in the video )


  • Sometimes if your selection is all uv islands, the only selected check won´t work on all islands, to make sure to apply transformation on all islands just select nothing and the transformations will be applied to all existing uv islands
  • When you have link size checked, the scale operation only takes into account X size



v1.00 - 2012.08.05 by Jordi Vall-llovera Medina
v1.3.5 - 2013.04.08 by Jordi Vall-llovera Medina
- Initial wiki documentation