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Dimensions/Unit Display

This proposals suggests how we might have buttons that show dimensions like 10.2cm, 2ft, rather than only numbers.

Blender Units will still be used, this would only be accessed via RNA Buttons.

  • Store a scale 1.0 by default for converting meters to blender units (scene option).
  • Store unit type to display metric/imperial/..., (scene option).
  • RNA Properties can have a unit type. distance, angle, volume, time, weight etc.
  • our own functions can be in intern, these can convert value|scale|unitType into humanly readable output.
  • A user pref can set blender to have buttons display humanly readable units.

after that look at...

  • the 3D grid could be made to match the dimension setting (how might this fit with grid scale?).
  • numeric transform can be made to display & parse input with unit types just like buttons.