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The proposal in 5 lines

  • Button views get generated using a new "Layout Engine", using style hints and templates.
  • Contents of headers, toolbars, menus and button views will be defined using Python scripts.
  • Screens/editors get clear context and state visualization, including search option, status bar, and local context browsing
  • Tools will follow a "Select -> Operate -> Settings" order
  • Let's switch to Python 3!

Full Workshop reports

Video of agenda session, day before workshop:


Raw, unedited audio recordings from the sessions:

Blender 2.5 project

Overview of results sofar, available in svn:

2 5 mockups 01.png

The WinterCamp was a three-day workshop, 4-7 March 2009, sponsored by the Institute for Network Cultures in Amsterdam. Participants were:

- Andrea Weikert, Germany
- Campbell Barton, Australia
- Jean-Luc Peurriere, France
- Matt Ebb, Australia
- Martin Poirier, Canada
- Nathan Letwory, Finland
- William Reynish, Denmark
- Brecht van Lommel, Belgium
- Ton Roosendaal, the Netherlands

Proposed workshop focus was "UI design for 2.5". This includes everything work-flow related, so not (only) the looks and feel of the interface. We also spent some time reviewing the past 2.5 results, and defined the essential deveopment steps how to move on best.  A related topic is also Python for 2.5, which has a lot of unresolved topics still.

The target is that concepts and proposals here get reviewed further online, so we can start working on it end March and during April!

You can use the Blender 2.5 mailing list or the forums for further feedback.