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Blender 2.64: More Features


  • Add start and end bevel factor for curves, so now it's possible to make a bevelled curve which isn't fully covered with a bevel - r46291


  • Frame node gets more usable bounding-box behavior - r46884
  • Node resizing has helpful mouse cursor indicators and works on all borders - r46884
  • Node selection/active colors are themeable independently - r46884 - r46884
  • Customizable background colors for nodes (useful for frames visual distinction) - r46884


  • Python console: Add "Clear Line" operator to Console menu (shortcut: Shift+Return). Erases current line, but appends it to console history - r46465
  • Python console: Add "Indent" and "Unindent" operators to Console menu (shortcuts: Tab, Shift+Tab), (un)indents current line independent of cursor - r47391
  • Python console: "Copy to clipboard (as script)" operator, so you can copy input from a console for use in a textblock - r50029
    Copy to clipboard (as script) operator
  • Text editor: add duplicate line operator - r46088
  • UV Editor: add back lasso selection tool - r46008
  • Add select similar for bones in edit mode - r46087


  • Allow baking external smoke caches - r46025
  • Support for moving smoke obstacles - r46050


  • Allow overriding window/screen/area/region context for running operators from python, this is useful to run an operator in a particular place in the UI - r46185, r46187
  • Improve Sequencer's Python API - r46501

User Interface

  • Add translation for Hungarian language - r46097
  • File browser: list of system directories is now refreshed on pressing the refresh button or opening the file browser, in case e.g. a USB stick was inserted - r46770
  • Add "Install Theme" button in user preferences - r46771
  • Add back pose specials menu, also add back the ability to clear user transforms on all bones (not just selected - mango request - was possible in 2.4x) - r46343
  • Add a solo mode for panels, CTRL+LMB on a panel header will close all other panels. r47098
  • Info header: Toggle fullscreen button is now located inside a new "Window" menu, to clean up the header. The Window menu also contains an operator to duplicate the window and toggling the system console on Windows. r46128

Pose Mode

  • Added align snap to vertices/edges/faces for bones in Pose mode.
Align snapping for bones.


  • Add mipmap generation on GPU (saves upload and calculation time), could be accessed in User Preferences -> System/OpenGL - r47747
  • Fix for 16-bit pngs which were only read with 8-bit precision - r46467
  • 3D View: add Backface Culling option, to hide faces when seen from the back side - r47003