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Blender 2.65: Bug Fixes

Changes from revision 51027 up to 52851

3D View

  • Fix T32837: DDS images flipped in viewport compared to render (r51546)
  • Fix T32837: DDS type textures assagined to mesh are flipped in viewport (r51620)
  • Fix T33051: view selected bug - focus goes to the mirrored side of the model (r51896)
  • Fix T33114: crash with render frame update script and GLSL (r51983)
  • Fix T33282: missing GLSL update assigning a lamp texture. (r52534)
  • Fix T33291: when using boundbox drawtype for a large number of duplicated objects, enabling Wire draw on the parent would draw full resolution wires for all the instances which can be very slow (r52545)
  • Fix T33304: missing 3D view redraw while moving camera markers (r52546)
  • Fix T33376: non-square DDS textures were mapped wrong in the viewport / game engine. r52712
  • Fix T33371: freezing in material draw mode. r52734
  • Fix T33394: Skin modifier doesn't show generated skin mesh in EditMode with Texured Solid draw option. r52736


  • Fix T32754: Clear Motion paths button not available on Motion paths panel (r51036)
  • Fix T32017: unlimited recursion issue for material updates(r51517)
  • Fix T30974: Quick cache breaks insert keyframe (r51539)
  • Fix [32970 T[32970: Insert/Replace Keyframe on Image Sequence Offset field does not update the entered value (r51648)
  • Fix T33043: Changing the name of a keying set does not change group name (r51930)
  • Fix T33123: lamp nodes drivers not working, now uses same hacks as material to work around dependency graph limitations (r52039)
  • Fix T29110: Animated Transforms to Deltas behaves oddly when applied more than once (r52388)
  • Fix T33154: Toggle/Enable/Disable channel settings operators in DopeSheet/Action Editor Channel menus were not working properly (r52390)
  • Fix T33286: when keyframing object scale, noise fmodifier scale would show as animated in the UI (r52535)
  • Fix T33378: Grease pencil dopesheet fails on a few operations r52745
  • Fix T33412: Jump to next frame broken in grease pencil mode allow arrow keys while in grease pencil session, otherwise you can't change frames. (r52772)


  • Fix T32964: IK constraint had a "Target" option, which actually is an internal flag that shouldn't have been exposed in the user interface (r51603)
  • Fix T33074: Crash when flipping names of bones (r51863)
  • Fix T33176: deactivating both position and rotation target from iTaSC IK solver crashes. (r52803)


  • Fix T32096: Background music stops when playing 3D sounds (r51599)
  • Fix T31561: Audio only coming from Front Left in layout and bge (r51614)


  • Fix T33168: collada export added incorrect -material postfix to material names (r52619)
  • Fix T33421: collada import of a mesh with loose edges did not draw the edges in the viewport. (r52793)


  • Fix T33268: Crash when delete all or segment from curve with SplineIK (r52497)

File I/O

  • Fix T32824: Color management configuration check was missed on file link/append (r51219)
  • Fix T32496: link in an object, delete it, and relink again its materials are lost (r51585)
  • Fix T33143: Exporter crash since 2.64 (r52169)
  • Fix T33226: File loading issue (endian switching issue) (r52401)
  • Fix crash opening .blend file with missing lib linked scene and no local scene. (r52595)
  • Fix for a memory leak caused by the last packet on stream EOF not freed. (r52718)
  • Fix crash opening some .blend files on OS X 10.8 with double click or drag and drop onto the application r52781

Game Engine

  • Fix T33025: Character physics object won't stop moving with simple motion actuator (r51799)
  • Fix T33090: Segfault/Crash with Empty and Motion Actuator, Keyboard Sensor (r51914)
  • Fix T30262: bgl.glClipPlane don't work on Nvidia cards (r52523)

Image / UV Editing

  • Fix T32858: Image appears too dark in Image Editor (r51340)
  • Fix T32852: Unwrapping ignores seams in very simple case (r51349)
  • Fix T27585: Texture buttons - "Add New Image" - crashes on changing X or Y resolution (r51631, r52235)
  • Fix T33010: image editor - scope handles resize does change width and position.x along with the scopes height (r51730)
  • Fix T33055: uv mapping did not use the right image from the material to do aspect ratio correction when cycles was enabled (r51874)
  • Fix T33159: Histogram frequently blank (r52178)
  • Fix T33265: editing uv vertex coordinates in panel could move hidden uv's (r52488)
  • Fix T33266: Transforming with Y axis constraint didn't apply aspect ratio correct (r52507)
  • Fix T33296: uv editing did unnecessary outliner redraw, giving slowdown (r52538)
  • Fix T31598: Messed up Smart UVs if face areas were too close to zero (r52565)
  • Fix T33332: UV follow active quads rewrite the script to use bmesh connectivity info. (r52661)
  • Fix for YCCK and CNYK jpeg images loading into blender (r52180)

Mesh Editing

  • Fix T32829: Crash when making linked Mesh with UV Map local (r51270)
  • Fix T32864: Convex Hull fails in some cases (r51558)
  • Fix T32960: Convex hull operator crashes when 'make holes' is (r51607)
  • Fix T32979: proportional edit connected was too slow with many vertices on some meshes (r51697)
  • Fix T33094: Even edge slide on multiple loops destroys geometry (r51971)
  • Fix T33142: Ctrl LMB higher selection mode in edit mode sometimes selects extra elements (r52122)
  • Fix T33179: Can't delete centered edge loop if x-mirror is activated (r52227)
  • Fix T33277: vertex merge would merge UVs by default (r52520)
  • Fix T33305: Bevel tool crashes Blender if the number of segments exceeds 28 (r52554)
  • Fix T33285: loop cut is not supposed to cut through triangles/ngons, but it still happened when the loop would go all the way around the mesh with just one triangle/ngon inbetween to close the loop (r52557)
  • Fix T33316: mesh edge short path select was wrong on large/small objects. (r52580)
  • Fix T33391: Bridge two Edgeloops fails in simple case r52728
  • Fix T33400: Knife tool cursor offset. (r52749)


  • Fix T32887: ParticleInstance crash with hidden particle system + children (r51380)
  • Fix T25801: Shrinkwrap Offset problems with Project mode (r51880)
  • Fix T30100: boolean intersect crashes blender (r51897)
  • Fix T33001: Crash on applying Boolean difference modifier (r51897)
  • Fix T33045: Boolean modifier crash with mirrored objects (r51897)
  • Fix T33041: Boolean difference sometimes produces meshes with holes (r51899)
  • Fix T32398: Mirror modifier with "Merge" enabled producing pairs of faces sharing the same set of vertices (r52086)
  • Fix T33217: mirror modifier edges missing in wireframe mode (r52436)
  • Fix T33029: Applying modifier leaks memory (r52664)

Nodes / Compositor

  • Fix T32856: Crash in compositor due to deprecated node socket flag in old files (r51381)
  • Fix T32896: No compositor tree update with image input color space change (r51397)
  • Fix T32905: Crash with Levels node when no input is connected. (r51398)
  • Fix T32705: Esc a value change doesn't recalc compositor (r51421)
  • Fix T32931: Crop node resets values to 0 (r51483)
  • Fix T28927: Z-Transp disables Material Pass Index (r51527)
  • Fix T32955: Compositer "Crop" node option "Crop Image Size" doesn't really crop the input image (r51573)
  • Fix T32835: Reroute node on shading nodes connection gives wrong renders (r51584)
  • Fix T32982: Segault when trying to show a node material. (r51678)
  • Fix T33087: power Math node clipping negative numbers (r51905)
  • Fix T33161: Blender crashes when opening an exr in compositor (r52183)
  • Fix T33204: Blur node ignores Gamma setting (r52292)
  • Fix T33368: Crash with multilayer exr node r52697
  • Fix T33372: Materials linked in node setups did not output alpha values unless the parent material also had alpha enabled. (r52698)
  • Fix T33402: Compositor crashes when drag-dropping multilayer exr (r52761)
  • Fix problem with Render Layers node and hidden sockets. (r52825)


  • Fix T32219: Inconsistent influence of Units Scale on new objects (r51423)
  • Fix T32925: Center cursor (shift+C) crashing blender after duplicating bone in armature edit mode. (r51430)
  • Fix T32884: select by group not working when active object in more than one group (r51490)
  • Fix T31842: Proportional Editing Significant Glitch, Object Mode (r51650)
  • Fix T32987: "Set origin to cursor" tool failed for parented/rotated objects (r51864)
  • Fix T32191: Changing layer broken for objects shared by multiple scenes (r51946)
  • Fix T33147: Material cannot be replaced by another (r52152)
  • Fix T33156: Ctrl+L Link modifiers produce copies with identical names (r52182)
  • Fix T33241: can't exit edit mode when object gets hidden via animation. (r52421)
  • Fix T33442: object added with wrong size when units scale was set (r52823)


  • Fix T32677: Cloth Pinning Does Not Obey Weight Map (r51226)
  • Fix T32920: cloth physics with collision exploding in some cases, due to uninitialized memory usage. (r51428)
  • Fix T31017: Particles not generated on Grid Distribution (r51559)
  • Fix T26712: Particle group instance 'Use Count' value gets reset on file-load (r51644)
  • Fix T33092: Fluid sim would stop or crash with node editor (r51944)
  • Fix T32939: Fluid sim reversed on X and Y with animated Control object (r51985)
  • Fix T29186: Object contribute to fluid sim animation start earlier than keyframe (r52501)
  • Fix T33279: crash in particle brush cut tool when cutting hairs that go outside the view. (r52521)
  • Fix T33353: Smoke color problems with adaptive domain. (r52680)
  • Fix T33387: Smoke: Animating Smoke Type from Flow to None crashes blender. (r52721)
  • Fix T33411: crash baking smoke with FFT high resolution. (r52785), (r52786)
  • Fix T31084: Dynamic Paint Blender File Crashes Blender (r52794)


  • Fix T32973: crash adding python property with update=None parameter passed (r51638)
  • Fix T30087: operator_context is different for popup and submenu's (r51647)
  • Fix T31661: Custom properties do no respect min/max values (r51652)
  • Fix T33108: Running save_as_mainfile breaks relative texture paths (r51963)
  • Fix T33000: bmesh.ops.create_* either crash blender or do nothing (r52003)
  • Fix T30505: bpy.context.copy() gives error running in the properties editor with cycles as render engine (r52045)
  • Fix T#30858: UI losing buttons due to threading issues in python context (r52283)
  • Fix T#33205: Bmesh "from_object" gives "no usable mesh data" (r52416)
  • Fix T33281: script goes into not responding (r52588)
  • Fix T33345: Crash when using bpy.ops.sculpt.brush_stroke (r52659)


  • Fix T32865: Usercounts for World Textures not decremented after preview render (r51288)
  • Fix T32891: Bake to Texture didn't use color management flag properly (r51369)
  • Fix T32846: Dupligroup messes up particle instancing on rendering (r51409)
  • Fix T27504: Particle systems that duplicate group instances were setting the wrong layer to the instanced objects (r51479)
  • Fix T30378: Full Sample Antialiasing render gave fireflies with halos - especially on edges of polygons (r51505)
  • Fix T32930: texture colors in material nodes (blender internal) are brighter than normal (r51511)
  • Fix T32867: normal map baking issue with flat shaded faces since bmesh (r51542)
  • Fix T27834: AAO color bleeding failure case with raytraced shadows (r51554)
  • Fix T32617: Text object render error (r51575)
  • Fix T32975: grouped material node preview not cleared before render (r51653)
  • Fix T32981: clear image texture when re-bakeing had become broken in 2.64a (r51704)
  • Fix T33040: baking selected to active could miss at pixels at the edge of faces when there was a tiny mismatch between low and high poly models (r51823)
  • Fix T32907: failure rendering a complex node setup, hitting fixed max number of closures limit (r52587)
  • Fix missing display buffer and mipmaps invalidation in cases only few of selected objects failed to bake (r51310)
  • Fix color management-less texture rendering (r51242)
  • Fix texture baking when color management is disabled (r51370)
  • In texture buttons, changing the preview could crash r51692

Render: Cycles

  • Fix T31806: cycles crash rendering a particular node setup with multiple mix/add shader nodes. (r51055)
  • Fix T32800: Cycles viewport incredible slow with high number of tiles (r51179)
  • Fix T32819: Crash when starting CUDA kernel compilation if UI translation is not "Default" (r51362)
  • Fix T32846: dupli group + particle instances gets messed up in Cycles viewport rendering (r51368)
  • Fix T32913: missing cycles viewport update when toggling visibility in outliner with V and R shortcut keys. (r51399)
  • Fix T32912: cycles crash with dead particles (r51408)
  • Fix T32937: cycles missing update when changing scene simplify settings (r51516)
  • Fix T30801: cycles rendering issue with missing particle instances in a dupligroup. (r51541)
  • Fix T33107: cycles fixed threads 1 was still having two cores do work, because main thread works as well (r51986)
  • Fix T33082: dupliverted metaball showing wrong in cycles render and metaball edit mode (r52018)
  • Fix T33131: more useful cycles behavior for layers that are both marked excluded and as mask layer (r52052)
  • Fix T33135: cycles object info random number not working anymore (r52075)
  • Fix T33183: cycles bump mapping was not executed with only an AO node in a material. (r52233)
  • Fix T33243: cycles CUDA going missing sometimes (r52410)
  • Fix T32796: cycles did not support image auto refresh option (r52439)
  • Fix T33256: cycles Z pass for orthographic camera was not right (r52440)
  • Fix T33257: cycles camera clipping did not work through transparent objects (r52443)
  • Fix T33267: cycles math node power gave different results for CPU and GPU (r52519)
  • Fix T33152: cycles SVM crash with certain shader nodes setups where closures would appear multiple times after flattening the mix/add shader part of the graph into a tree structure (r52533)
  • Fix T33292: cycles material draw mode selection not working on some cards, now skip glsl for picking as was already done for other GLSL drawing (r52558)
  • Fix T33328: cycles not rendering dupliframes (r52620)
  • Fix T33364: cycles tile rendering artifacts. (r52690)
  • Fix T33405: preview render getting stuck in a particular .blend file r52760
  • Fix T33454: cycles wasn't hiding the original object used for dupliverts or duplifaces like blender internal. (r52827)
  • Fix AUTO wasn't working for Equisolid Fisheye lens Now one no longer needs to match the sensor dimensions with the render dimensions manually. (r52418)
  • Fix cycles issue when NaN is used for RGB ramp, can access array out of bounds then. (r52743)
  • Fix cycles viewport render getting stuck with driven/animated nodes. (r52751)


  • Fix T32941: Sequencer Preview shows texture which is apart of the window (r51534)
  • Fix T33253: VSE preview doesn't display compositor (r52430)
  • Fix T33252: VSE preview displays wrong color space (r52433)
  • Fix T33293: strip - separate images [Y] dialog "image duration" missing (r52572)
  • Fix T33295: Shifted movie strip when rendering <100% resolution for strip with complex transform (r52629)
  • Fix T33422: Change Path/Files problem - selected strip directory doesn't work (r52788)
  • Fix for crash in the sequencer if the video file fails to load (r51158)
  • Fix crash when copying scene with sequencer's animation using Link Objects or Link Object Data methods (r52028)

Sculpting / Painting

  • Fix T32522: Object's diffuse color not showing in Sculpt Mode (r51510)
  • Fix T32943: sculpt mode draw crash with VBO and flat shaded, hidden faces (r51530)
  • Fix T33002: Wrong vertex color when paitning (r51737)
  • Fix T33037: Soften brush can't handle seams in texture paint (r51934)
  • Fix T33116: Blender Crashes when saving inside Sculpt Mode with with GLSL and textured view enabled. (r52007)
  • Fix T33419: incorrect color with projection painting in cases strength != 1.0 (r52787)

Text Editor

  • Fix T33121: crashing when srolling down in text editor due to bad UTF8 symbol (r52021)
  • Fix T32996: Delete/Backspace Key pressed two times in text Editor gives [square] (r51727)
  • Fix T32474: Windows systems: text editor, text object, doesn't allow to input the standard set of ALT+key characters (r51866)
  • Fix T33180: text editor line height issue (r52264)
  • Fix T33398: Missed undo push when script execution failed. (r52753)

User Interface

  • Fix T32780: Maya keymap selection issues (r51244)
  • Fix T32641: Keymap editor allowed to set any event for "key modifier" (r51451)
  • Fix T32932: Can't see the Speaker properties when using Cycles (r51470)
  • Fix T31527: Using "outliner data operation" on vertexgroup suggested it should work, but this is not supported yet (r51589)
  • Fix T32938: The Splash Screen doesn't show up correctly (r51605)
  • Fix T32962: Menu buttons: the text label in a button was clipped on right too soon (r51615)
  • Fix T28298: Header/footer scroll resets itself upon many actions (r51619)
  • Fix T24343: scrollbar hidden after switching properties editor tabs (r51626)
  • Fix T28734: mouse doubleclick doesn't work, seems like singleclick eats events and doubleclick never happens (r51661)
  • Fix T32823: flymode is resetting values that have to be set preventing mouse wheel from working (r51694)
  • Fix T24016: copy/paste fail if you keep the modifier key holding (r51705)
  • Fix T33004: Screen-cast stops if change made to vert number of new mesh circle (r51739)
  • Fix T33019: Grease Pencil draw - started with button from Toolbar - failed (r51772)
  • Fix T30479: Exclamation mark '!' doesn't input with AZERTY keyboard mapping For the french keyboard setting (AZERTY) on Windows (r51776)
  • Fix T29056: NDOF motion events not configurable in user preferences. (r51786)
  • Fix T31482: menu with scrollers when window is too small (r51789)
  • Fix T33032: Input sequence leads to being stuck in brush mode (r51793)
  • Fix T30910: Problems: Add Shortcut(s) for "Ctrl Tab" menu (r51798)
  • Fix T33038: TIMER events could get keymodifier set (r51808)
  • Fix T24030: Greasepencil mode 'hold d' was also inserting drivers (hotkey D) on mouse over (r51814)
  • Fix T31310: Thumbnails not generating with non Latin characters (r51902)
  • Fix T33085: Render Border cannot be set if Lock Camera to View is on (r51907)
  • Fix T32806: NDOF Settings don't effect 3D mouse (Space Navigator / Explorer) (r51982)
  • Fix T29072: Color pickers don't close properly when moving the mouse away (r52015)
  • Fix T33124: vertex color picker dont respect user preferences picker type (r52035)
  • Fix T33169: Interface destroyed after Text Object Edit (r52208)
  • Fix T33192: Opening Blender breaks drag-and-drop support on the KDE desktop (r52252)
  • Fix T33223: Instant Crash on Window minimize - intel driver workaround (r52366)
  • Fix T33227: custom keymap syncing didn't work well always when adding/removing properties from operator (r52413)
  • Fix T33389: Curve points restricted to 0..1 range. (r52732)
  • Fix soft shadow under user interface menus not drawing correctly. (r52826)


  • Fix T32851: Mouse click coordinates when adding and selecting mask vertices on undistorted footage are off (r51404)
  • Fix T26891: deselecting global undo disables Move To Layer (r52181)
  • Fix T33166: Wrong profile name in config.ocio causes crash (r52203)
  • Fix T33250: animation player shortcut keys not working on OS X (r52422)
  • Fux T33185: Retina Macbook trackpad pan is recognised as mouse wheel up/down (r52475)
  • Fix T33310: unnecessary redraw of outliner when editing materials and textures. (r52560)
  • Fix T33326: outliner numpad minus collapse followed by numpad plus expand did not work (r52618)
  • Fix T33423: a few operators still allowed changing current frame during animation render, like cursor set in the graph editor (r52791)
  • Fix T33431: error setting custom property to value "None". (r52815)
  • Fix camera tracking update problem for principal points. (r52807)
  • Fix View Selection operator in clip editor when pixel aspect != 1 (r52403)
  • Fix copying markers to other scenes not working with 10 or more scenes. (r52832)