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Blender 2.66: Modifiers

Mesh Cache Modifier

The mesh-cache modifier supports MDD and PC2 formats to apply animation from an external file onto a mesh, with support for re-timing and re-integrating shape-keys (any deformations) from the base mesh.

Mesh Cache Modifier Documentation

UV Warp Modifier

The UV Warp modifier lets you rotate/scale/translate existing UV maps using objects or bones.

UV Warp Modifier Documentation

Laplacian Smooth Modifier and Shape Enhanced

The Laplacian Smooth and Shape Enhanced modifiers let you reduce noise on a mesh surface with minimal changes to its shape, and exaggerate a shape using a Laplacian smoothing modifier in the reverse direction using a single parameter <math> factor </math>, that supports negative and positive values: negative for enhancement and positive for smoothing.

Full documentation and example .blend files are in the

Laplacian Smooth and Shape Enhanced Modifier Documentation

Apinzonf Shape Enhanced Camel.png

The shape enhancement method makes it possible to caricaturize models.

Apinzonf Diagram monkey normalized0.jpg Apinzonf Diagram monkey normalized1.jpg Apinzonf Diagram monkey normalized2.jpg