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Blender 2.67: Addons

New: Nodes Efficiency Tools

A set of several tools that can speed up working with nodes, both compositing and Cycles shaders. They automate several tasks that by default require many clicks, drags etc. r4439

New: VRML2 Export

Even though X3D is the successor to VRML2, we have included a simple mesh only exporter since this format is still used in some fields. r4348


  • Biped arm and leg rig types now have rubber-hose controls and squash-and-stretch. r4335
  • Removed "delta" rig type, as it was extremely obscure and just confused people. r4285
  • Updated the default naming scheme for rig controls to match those of the CG Cookie Flex Rig where possible. r4284
  • Updated the rig type API for clarity and flexibility. r4285
  • Added a "rigify dev tools" panel that contains misc. tools that are useful when developing new rig types. r4286 r4292

PDB Format

  • Optionally use skin and subdivision modifier to both can be used to draw the sticks r4408 r4412
  • The sticks can be represented as entire cylinders. One can choose either single cylinders, which are parented to an empty, or one single mesh object including all sticks. r4447

Direct X Format

This addon had a ground-up rewrite of the DirectX .x exporter for better design and extensibility.

  • Added animation option to export each action of each object as a separate AnimationSet and another option to export unused actions as if used by the first armature object. r4385
  • Added vertex color export support. r4385

Manage UI Translations

This “i18n addon” features tools to manage main translations (through the bf-translation project), edit part of the translations directly from within Blender, and handle translations of third party addons. It is now mostly finished and functional, please see the translator process page for more info. Mostly r4323, r4459 and r4481.


  • Povray, added colored specular highlights r4455
  • PLY export with object transformation applied. r4401
  • BVH Importer, Faster import and option to use BVH animation timing. r4389
  • Property Chart has presets added r4373
  • Render Copy Settings is now translated in french! r4482
  • Import Images as Planes now uses the default Plane primitive instead of creating its own plane (ensures geometry data are consistent with default Blender's plane). r4465
  • Material Utils, Fixed error if material slot was empty, made Material Replace operator a popup and added feature to update selection based on affected objects. r4503

Python API

  • add Object.update_from_editmode(), Useful for python exporters to avoid toggling editmode on export (r55465)
  • add function to remove vertex-color and UV layers. (r55480) (r55482)
  • add scene.ray_cast() to perform scene level ray intersection tests (r55957, r55957)


  • add BMEdge.calc_face_angle_signed() (r55788)
  • add BMEdge.is_convex (r55788)