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For this release we have added various tools to help with 3D printing.

The full documentation is linked below, but here is a summery of whats been added.

3D Printing Toolbox

Example of Cura with an exported mesh.

This addon is bundled with blender but needs to be enabled from the preferences.

It provides convenient methods of checking the model for errors, statistics (volume, area etc) and a convenient one-click export option for common formats used with 3d printers.


Example using the ruler to measure thickness.

The ruler is an interactive tool where you can drag lines in the scene to measure distances or angles - optionally snapping to geometry for better accuracy or to measure wall thickness.

View3d ruler basic.png

Mesh Analysis

Mesh analysis can be used to identify areas of interest while modeling by highlighting geometry based on overhang/thickness/intersection/distortion/sharpness.

Sharp edges


  • VRML2 Support: while VRML2 is a legacy format (superseded by X3D), it is still used by some printing systems so support for it has been added.
  • Solidify Clamp: Option for solidify to avoid self-intersections for high detail regions.
Clamp Offset