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Blender 2.69: Modeling

Viewport: Hidden Wire

Hidden Line Retopo Example

This draw option can be accessed in mesh Edit mode from the shading panel of the Properties. It is useful for a retopology workflow to show only front-facing wireframes. Optimally this should be combined with the XRay display setting in the Object Data properties.

Note: Hidden Wire is not available while Viewport Shading is set to wireframe.

Mesh Editing

  • Rotate around individual origins now supports connected face/edge islands. (r58503)
  • Bridge tool now has a twist option for circular loops. (r58609)
  • Edgenet fill tool was rewritten, making it significantly faster. (r59193)
  • Symmetrize was rewritten and now preserves UVs and mesh data. (r59387)
  • New clean-up tools have been added to fill holes and split non-planar faces (r58606 r58699).
  • Grid fill tool was improved. It can now fill a single, closed edge loop, active vertex to detect the corner and detect non square grids. It also preserves UVs and vertex colors better now. (r59826) (r59860) (r59868)
Grid fill tool with non square grid.

Mesh Bisect

Mesh Bisect has been added to perform quick cuts, dividing meshes in half, optionally removing one side of the cut and filling in the exposed areas.

Example of a typical use of bisect.
Example of bisect with fill option.

Curve Editing

  • New spline smoothing for tilt and weight. r58575
  • New split operator for curves, adds ability to delete separate segments and duplicate parts of cyclic curves too r59619
  • Scaling a curve handle now scales around the knot r60465, and added support for individual-centers to perform this on multiple handles at once r60467

Lattice Editing

  • New random selection tool r58395
  • New select more/less tool r58396


  • Add new snap option: 'Selection to Cursor (Offset)', rather than moving everything into the cursor location, the current selection centers around the cursor. (r58453) (r58479)
  • Lasso select now supports overlapping lines, in all modes and editors. (r60544 r60551)

Mesh Merging

  • Layers (like UV maps or vertex colors) are now merged by name, instead of by mere index.