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Blender 2.70: Game Development

PSD files

Photoshop PSD files can now be loaded in Blender. Files must be saved with the Maximum Compatibility option, and Blender will read a flattened version of the image where all layers are composited together. (r60621)


  • 8bit images (with or without alpha)
  • 16bits images (alpha discarded)
  • Photoshop files saved with 'Maximum Compatibility'


  • Packed images are not supported
  • Saving PSD files is not supported

View Navigation

Navigation system revamped with a new walk mode, similar to first person navigation systems available in 3d games.

View Navigation. FPS-style keybindings

Read more about this mode in our manual page Walk mode

Level of Detail

A discrete level of detail system with viewport preview has been added to the Game Engine.


Documentation for this new feature can be found here