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I'd like to have the tracks in the sequencer work like layers in photoshop. There's talk of this already on the page, but I'd also like to see effects work in the same way. The order in which you choose two strips to apply an effect shouldn't matter; it should be wholly based on vertical position in the tracks.

  • Ouchie! That would most likely _not_ do, what people want, if the effect pipeline gets a little bit more complex. --Peter Schlaile 19:02, 29 November 2006 (CET)

Title DV devices control
Summary Grab DV and render to DV devices (and AV/C)
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Proposer, Data anders_gud
  • Moved this to declined as based on comments. Still open for plugin potentially as per Peter's comments. Sobotka 21:55, 31 January 2009 (UTC)


Title Playback speed
Summary Realtime playback of video and audio of strips that don't have any kind of special effect.
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Proposer, Data directedition

Title Zoom
Summary Preview that scales by factors other than two. Ability to zoom out further.
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Proposer, Data directedition
  • The Histogram/Luma/Chroma preview methods for the sequence editor are really nice- is there a way to generalize them to other image buffers (e.g. render result or viewer node) so we can benefit from them outside the sequence editor Bassam
    • Peter? Sobotka 21:18, 21 January 2009 (UTC)
  • would be nice to have eg. transform, speed and other effects (when possible) also work with the alpha, so we can still use alpha-over modes without having to add an alpha over effect. Anonymous?
  • Storyboard sequence: Maybe we can add the storyboard image sequence as a import type. each storyboard in the sequence can be control as a single sequence,at the same time the storyboard sequence is the whole . and the overlay title is very helpful,maybe we can add a title panel for it.In the panel we can add the addon overlay information for the sequence or the image and we can control the information 's position on the image.andthen we can add a alone dialogue track for the dialogue title.(The overlay text contain the two types:the overlay information and the dialogue.The text node(see as the compsite node feature request list) will be used as a overlay title).We also need a powerful image browser to view the storyboard image.--Sumomofan 21 March 2007
    • This would be developer work for very little gain.  If you import a sequence of images you would still need to adjust their cut points to match your pacing.  You can already import images and slot them into a timeline for a previs animatic.  This is the way that Avid's Composer deals with most storyboarding attempts IIRC.  Text mode overlay would be a different feature.  Please reformat to above specs.Sobotka 21:18, 21 January 2009 (UTC)


Title Title
Summary Summary
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