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Sequencer Requests

Guidelines for Posting

You can find some suggestion/guidelines at Requests/Sequencer/Guidelines.

Approved Requests

You can find the list of approved requests at Requests/Sequencer/Approved.

Declined or unclear Requests

You can find the list of declined requests or those without enough specifications at Requests/Sequencer/Declined or unclear.

Features Already in SVN or Release

Some features have already been implemented in Blender. Requests that have been coded and included in svn-trunk are here Requests/Sequencer/Done.


Assets Specific


EDL Import and export

Title EDL import and export
Summary EDL (Edit decision list) is the most and ancient form of getting footage from and to other Editing Applications. EDL import and export feature is available in all the editing application incl open source software cinelerra(import & export). It would be very helpful if this feature be included in Blender. Previously it was implemented in Blender 2.49, but nobody took it from there!!

AVID editor can give his EDL so that i could do further color manipulation or vfx work inside blender. Nuke(r) has already come up with the solution like heiro for edl asset management. And i could edit and deliver EDL for Autodeks Smoke(r) Assimilate scratch(r) Davinci users for Advanced Color Grading. Please consider this request. I think implementing EDL isn't that impossible to do.


Automatic Pillarboxing / Letterboxing

Title Adapation of Aspect Ratios
Summary Strips should be able to adapt to different screen formats such as 16:9 and 4:3 with relevant letterboxing / padding.
Link NoLinkYet

Assets as Library Objects

Title Assets as Library Objects
Summary Making Sequence strips library objects. Then you can add them directly on the timeline and at the same time in an asset area.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Image Sequence Details

Title Image sequences recognition
Summary Choosing an image sequences, recognize automatically how many pictures are there in same sequence even if in the folder there are other contents.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data anonymous?

Asset Manager

Title Asset Pool
Summary Some form of asset manager. Draggable from / to? Thumbnails? as with image browser?
Link -
Proposer, Data Many

Asset Flagging / Alerts

Title Autocompare Import FPS to Working Project and other Details
Summary Flag imported framerate differences between source import and destination project.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Otomo

Simple Bins using FileBrowser

Title Simple Bins using FileBrowser
Summary If multiple FileBrowser Windows could save their target directory and filters they could be used a Bins to drag material into VSE
Link -
Proposer, Data Larryboy

Audio Specific


Basic Audio Mixing Console

Title Basic audio mixing console
Summary Basic audio mixing console, that has bare necessities for audio mixdown

update by zsl: there's a plugin doing that [1] Doc:Manual/Sequencer/Audio

Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Audio Effects Strips

Title Audio strips effects
Summary I don't want to copy Ardour, but basic filters like compand / equalizer / declip should be there. Just include the Postfish filters
Link -
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Basic Surround Sound Support

Title Surround support
Summary I am in love with Sony Vegas because of it's ability to do 5.1 surround sound so nicely
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Vilem Novak, aka pildanovak

Audio VU level meter

Title Audio VU level meter
Summary Very difficult to mixdown audio without a level meter. This should be an Image preview option in VSE
Link -
Proposer, Data Laurence Weedy aka Larryboy

Strips Specific


Strips Grouping

Title Strips grouping
Summary "Lockgroup"-Button: Move these sequencer strips only together in a group.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Relative Strip Markers

Title Relative markers
Summary Markers attached to strips to keep references relative to the strip (i.e. the position where the actor touches the wall)
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data mindrones, 2008-07-15

Relative Strip Snapping

Title Snap in both ways
Summary Markers and cursor snapped relative to strips
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data mindrones, 2008-07-15

Properties Copy / Paste

Title Strips properties copy-paste
Summary Ability to copy-paste the sequencer properties among strips and out of the sequencer
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data mindrones, 2008-07-15

Preview Strips Thumbnails

Title Various previews directly on the strips
Summary Various previews directly on the strips (IPOs for crossfading, miniatures, waveforms, etc.)
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Timecode Support

Title Timecode Support
Summary All assets and main timeline should facilitate reporting, adjusting, burn-in, and cutting via timecode in an appropriate area. This is yet one more step toward EDL support and mandatory for offline work.
Link NoneYet
Proposer, Data Sobotka 21:16, 31 January 2009 (UTC)

White and Black Levels in Curves Modifier

Title White and Black Levels in Curves Modifier
Summary Currently the curves modifier accessible from the properties panel does not include white and black levels such as the RGB curves node available in the compositor. Having white / black levels in the modifier would considerably simplify colour grading individual video strips.
Link -
Proposer, Data lemmerk 2013-04-11 14:39:53 (UTC)

Preview Window Specific


Relative Playback

Title Relative Playback
Summary Independent playback / scrubbing of a strip without changing the current main timeline frame. Feature included in a majority of non-linear editors.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data anders_gud

WYSIWYG Interaction with Preview Window

Title WYSIWYG with Preview Window
Summary Effects could get mouse events from the preview window, so that one can control the transform effect directly in the Preview Window.
Link -
Proposer, Data Anonymous

Blender Pipelines


Integration with Compositing Nodes

Title Integration with Compositing Nodes
Summary Feeding the sequencer contents in the render/compositing pipeline. Also tie sequencer current frame to the nodal compositor.
Link Discussion

Proposer, Data Many ( Except Ton :( )

Active Camera Sequencer Integration

Title 3D Scene camera selector
Summary It should be possible to select the active camera from inside the sequencer
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data M_jack

Effects Specific


Effects Strip: Bake

Title Bake effect strip
Summary Cache rendered results to file: very usefull for complicated effect filter pipelines when the sequencer can't do in realtime anymore.
Link Discussion
Proposer, Data Peter Schlaile

Effects Strip: Speed

Title Speed effect strip improvement: Motion Blur
Summary When a strip's speed is set <1.0 the option exists to blur between frames to provide a smoother transition. The same should be true for speeds >1.0, except that all frames between the current and last should be accumulated and averaged to provide a motion-blur like effect. If done correctly the same function can be used for both slow-mo blend and high-speed motion blur.
Link -
Proposer, Data Keith "Wahooney" Boshoff, 2009-05-06

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